PtR QuickCap: Spurs @ Blazers (2K10 version)

This game went quite similar to the real game. Read after the Jump to see how it went down.

First of all, this is my first time posting a FanPost. It feels very odd and I'm not used to the screen lay-out. Also, English is not my native language.

This is how i look for apologies and excuses, just in case what I write here will be somehow amateuristic.


My Team

Starting Five: TP, Rudy Fernandez, Jason Kapono, TD, Dice.

Key subs: Cubits, Ginobili, Rashard Lewis, Malik Hairston, Marc Gasol, Leon Powe

(Malik always plays great on my computer, don't know why Pop doesn't play him!)

(I'd love to start Marc Gasol, but I want to run the pick and roll with TP and TD. And when TD and Gasol are on the floor, the Spanish guy is the one who runs them. Which means he is a bench player who plays next to Leon Powe.)


First Quarter

I started off slow as I usually do when I haven't played in a while. A 6-0 run in favor of the Blazers got me behind pretty quickly. Then I inserted our great mister Emanuel Ginobili. He had six points in the final 2:30 minutes of this quarter (I play 20 minute games). This led to the Spurs being behind only one point.

12-11 / 12-11

Second Quarter

This quarter had mostly fast-break points, converted by George Hill and Malik. Our defense wasn't that good though, this quarter looked a lot like the 2009-2010 real-life Spurs. Which means: trying to score more points than the other team, rather than to defend.

14-21 / 26-32

Third Quarter

Not much to say here.

13-9 / 39-41

Fourth Quarter

I've always wanted to write something on this site. I've loved being here and being part of this community, so I wanted to contribute with something. Although I didn't know with what...

Here's why I came up with the idea of writing here:

The Score: 56-53     Time Left: 11.7

Cubits gets the ball, he runs to Manu and goes in the air to shoot. As some of you may know, this is what happens:

Cubits' and Manu's defenders jump to try to block, while Manu runs to the corner three position. George passes the ball in mid-air to Manu and this is how his shot looks like:

Looks familiar doesn't it!?!

Here's the play-by-play visualization:



So this is where the "Videogame"-thing starts... He freaking made the shot!!

An open corner three, against the Blazers, who are up three points with seconds left, shot by Manu. Goes. In.

17-15 / 56-56



I must have gotten some momentum because of that great shot, the Spurs coolly played the OT, winning it with a 2-7 advantage.



Final boxscore:


Final Score: 58-63

Your Three Stars

3. Me, for playing on Hall Of Fame and having the game sliders of CPU all on 60 (mine are on 48).

2. Me, for trading RJ to get a decent team with a BBIQ.

1. Manu, who listened to my thumbs when they told him to shoot (and score) at the right time.



Please guys, don't try to take this very serious. I had fun writing this.

And I just thought it was a fun coincidence... Fun is needed when the Spurs are playing like this (in real life I mean)!


I'll try to be present against the Lakers, let's hope that gets the mojo up. Since it will be 4:30am here when the game starts...

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