"We never, ever do nothing nice & easy"

After a short alcoholic and cigar induced hiatus, I am ready to rejoin the brethren in our search of those ever elusive W's.  (No, George I'm not asking you to come back... trust me).

I thought I'd give us all a little bit of inspiration... because we're dealing with a lot of shit.  And thank you very much for that, Romes.


Now, I'm not asking for miracles, acrobatic spinning or even moonlit transformations.  What I am asking for is a bit more effort, a lot more ganas de jugar, but mostly I'm just looking for some motherfucking heart stopping DESIRE. 

It's time to work for the Man, Spurs.  And by the Man, I don't mean Peter Holt.  I mean THE MAN... GOML (bring back the beard you crazy ass mofo)... yeah... that MAN.  And I'm also talking about the PtR (wo)man.  Those of us that live and die with our team.  Those of us that live vicariously thru those silver and black clad gods on the pine floor. 

What I'm saying is you gotta go all Tina Turner on the opponents asses.  Girlfriend had to sing and dance and deal with that delusional, drugged up, deranged lunatic called Ike.  So at least you don't have that, unlike another NBA team I could mention (insert Phil Jackson joke here).  You could go full force Lamborghini Countach 0 - 60 in under 5 seconds ala the 1970's version of Ms. Turner.


Or you could go the more sedate steady and controlled version of the 70 year old still classic version of Ms. Turner.  That's right... 70 fucking years old.  Still got it, still shaking it and still singing the hell out of it every damn night.  Kinda like bringing the defensive effort for 48 minutes... don't you think?


 But I think I prefer y'all (look at that... a Texas word, LD) to emulate the still hungry, had a taste of success, but I know I have to bring my best every night Tina Turner.  She knew she had a job to do and she did it with passion and precision.  But she still had the remembrance of the hungry days to keep things fresh and rough.  And each and every fucking time... she brought it.  You gotta embrace the workman like can do effort and attitude.   

And thank the good lord up above that you ain't gotta do it in 4 inch heels.

So, Man up Spurs and channel your inner Tina!

This is fan-created content on The opinion here is not necessarily shared by the editorial staff at Pounding the Rock.

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