Spurs Suckage Continues, Start the Transition

Let's face it here, our beloved Spurs suck and our supposed championship team isn't going to happen. This team will be VERY lucky to continue the 50+ win season streak.

So what to do? How's about trade some of that suck so we can at least get this team prepped for transition years, maybe even make them a relevant playoff team for those years. So basically, trade everyone but Duncan, Blair, Hill, Mahinmi, and Splitter's rights.

We can't think of Manu and Parker as no-trade options. Manu can't shoot and Parker can't do it consistently. I don't care if every 5 games Parker or Manu goes off for 20 points or if every 7 games Manu has x many assists.

The truth here is that these guys can fetch great prospects. Duncan only stays because he can teach our future players.

The sooner Buford and Pop figure out that this great last championship run they crave is NOT going to happen, the sooner we can get this team built up for when Duncan retires. By then we should be a relevant playoff team (meaning a decent playoff threat like the Rockets were last year) when Duncan and Pop ride off into the San Antonian sunset.


My problem isn't so much the defense, but the horrid offensive consistency (though the defense is frustrating at best). Duncan will put up 24 one night, then only get 16 mostly off free throws and wind up with a bunch of missed shots.


RJ will have 14 point nights, and he'll have 4 point nights with a ton of missed 3's EVERY night. Mason can be a great weapon, or an ineffective 3-point ballhog. Bogans I don't think ever had a relevant night offensively. You see what I'm getting at?


It's not like I'm expecting everyone to be putting up 20 every night, but the FG% are so wildly inconsistent game after game. The Spurs could shoot 53% one night, then find themselves at 40 or even into the 30's on some nights. The latter percentages becoming more and more common.


Fingers could be pointed at RJ and others, but to me the finger pointing goes to Manu and Parker. These supposed "leaders" are shooting terrible. Parker's plantar facifuckitis limits his abilities to penetrate, but even his once dominant jumpshot is horrible. Some nights he'll have the best jumpshot you've ever seen, others he's hitting the bottom of the rim. How are others supposed to learn on this team with his terrible shooting? Especially in games most recent to his ankle injury.


Manu Ginobili is what infuriates me the most. Where is the jumpshot? Every time he goes up for a shot I close my eyes and wait for the nightmare that is the upcoming horrendous shot to be over. Yes he was injured frequently last year, but how does one's jumpshot disappear at the drop of a hat? And with how timid he is penetrating, that leaves him with 3-point shooting. Some nights it's dead on target, others it's airball city. Yes he is a great passer and a defensive playmaker, but when you can't shoot it when the ball is in your hands, your minutes shouldn't be that high.


Despite all this, Hill's still shooting fairly well each night and Blair is getting better especially on his jumpshot. I hope for trades to get younger talent to grow with these two, and I hope for great things for Mahinmi (which we've seen he can do great things), and even greater things for Splitter. There's also the X-factor of Nando De Colo who could be a good PG in this league.


I hope for trades, which means my prayers will most likely not happen. Parker needs out, Manu needs out, Mason can stay but he's good trade bait, Bogans needs out, RJ needs out, Bonner needs out, you see where I'm going.


So what do my fellow PTR-ers think, time to start the transition, or keep clamoring for one last very desperate championship run?


The Sunkist has spoken



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