Game #17 Recap: Spurs 118, Warriors 98 -- Post Thanksgiving Feast.


via Mysterious Masked Man

I'm sure many of you still find yourself battling through the leftovers of Thanksgiving dinner. If you are anything like me, you come from a family upbringing where "wasting food" is a grave injustice punishable by death. My Aunt Carolyn once water boarded me and my brother just because we were unable to finish her famous southwest corn stuffing.

My Post-Thanksgiving Stress Disorder aside, I hope your holidays/vacation have been smooth and pain-free. I also hope you are joining me after another victorious evening for the Silver & Black. Did we get another win? Did Golden State earn a 2-game winning streak? Did Monta Ellis have another career game against us? Does Curry still look like a 12 year old?

All I know is that Matt Bonner has had five days of cold turkey sandwiches and, according to scientific study, should (have) go(ne) 20-20 from deep tonight.



Their day WILL come and you will count yourselves amongst the doomed.

Pre-Game: 16 lbs of mashed potatoes down, 66 lbs to go.


That is the number of first quarter points the San Antonio Spurs forfeited to the New Orleans Hornets. It is also the number of points the Spurs allowed in the entire second half.

Now add 65 second half points of their own and start wondering if this type of 24 minute production can develop into a 48 minute standard. The Spurs have been a fantastic second half team this season and have had to rely on these second half explosions to save their butts from a couple of major deficits. Compare this season’s team and the 09-10 Spurs when it comes to these dire situations. Think of all the blown leads, random quarter collapses, and struggles to find any type of consistency throughout last season. The 2010-2011 Spurs may have blown a few quarters this season but they are showing that they can win no matter what situation they put themselves in. Based on what we have seen, if the Spurs can develop and maintain consistent four-quarter domination, this squad may just break the 60 win barrier.

The Spurs have beaten the Warriors eight straight times heading into tonight’s game. Even with a dominant history over their west coast opponent; San Antonio will have their hands full with Golden State’s lethal duo of Curry and Ellis. The two guards, a combined 45 PPG average, will have San Antonio’s backcourt on high alert which will leave little help for the Spurs big men to keep David Lee off the offensive glass. Another note of importance: Golden State is 7-2 when David Lee is in the lineup and 1-7 without him. Corralling the former Knick will be a huge priority for Greg Popovich.

Game time. (Please no tarp, please no tarp, please no tarp)



Warriors Starting Five: Curry, Ellis, Wright, Lee, Biedrins

Spurs Starting Five: Parker, Ginobili, Jefferson, Duncan, Blair

1st Quarter – Reheated tofurkey, anyone?

  • 10:51 Duncan puts up a hook over Biedrens SAS 2 - GSW 0
  • 10:34 Ginobili steal, to Parker, and then to Jefferson for dunk. SAS 4 - GSW 0
  • 10:09 Ellis makes a jumper. SAS 4 - GSW 2
  • 9:31 Curry takes open 3PT and drains it. SAS 4 - GSW 5
  • 9:13 Nice pass from Duncan to Blair. Spurs want to get DeJuan going. SAS 6 - GSW 5
  • 8:55 Lee takes a split second to get up a layup by Blair. SAS 6 - GSW 7
  • 8:47 Duncan tips in a Parker miss. SAS 8 - GSW 7
  • 8:28 Biedrens loses the ball, Parker makes a break for two. 3 Warriors TO already. SAS 10 - GSW 7
  • 8:00 Lee watches Duncan makes a jumper. He can shoot those, Dave. SAS 12 - GSW 7
  • 7:43 Curry with a pretty jumper. SAS 12 - GSW 9
  • 7:34 Parker-Ginobili give and go for 2 PTS. SAS 14 - GSW 9
  • 7:14 Duncan makes 1/2 FT. SAS 15 - GSW 9
  • 6:46 High screen by Duncan for a Ginobili jumper. Spurs are 8/13 on the floor. SAS 17 - GSW 9
  • 6:24 Lee makes easy hook over Blair. SAS 17 - GSW 11
  • 5:54 Biedrens gets hook deep in the paint over Duncan. Pop calls a timeout. SAS 17 - GSW 13
  • 5:36 Blair saves loose ball, passes to Duncan who gets fouled. 1/2 FT for Tim. SAS 18 - GSW 13
  • 5:23 Duncan fouls Lee under the basket. SAS 18 - GSW 14.
  • 5:08 Duncan misses hook over Lee but its obvious Tim will have his way in the paint tonight.
  • 4:42 A billion pump fakes by DeJuan and then a quick two. SAS 20 - GSW 14
  • 4:14 Lee sinks a perimeter shot. I have no issues if he takes those all night. SAS 20 - GSW 16
  • 3:56 Parker gets quick jumper. SAS 22 - GSW 16
  • 3:33 Ellis steals ball from RJ and gets layup against Duncan. SAS 22 - GSW 18
  • 3:18 A missed Parker jumper creates a break from the Warriors ending with Ellis jumper. SAS 22 - GSW 20
  • 3:04 Hill hits technical. I have no idea what the technical is for. SAS 23 - GSW 20.
  • 2:45 Hill travels after rebound. Golden State calls a timeout much to the delight of a flustered Coach Pop. The Spurs have 3 TO in the last two minutes.
  • 2:29 Curry fakes Parker out of his shoes and hits jumper. SAS 23 - GSW 22
  • 2:10 No look pass to Wright from a driving Ellis. SAS 23 - GSW 24
  • 1:18 Hill has a bad offensive possession. Nearly throws a pass to Warriors and then called for a charge.
  • 1:05 Curry hits another jumper. Turnovers killing Spurs. What a shocker. SAS 23 - GSW 26
  • 0:35 A last second 3PT from Gary Neal bails out bad offensive possession. SAS 26 - GSW 26
  • 0:03 Ginobili fakes out Ellis and gets fouled shooting a 3PT. Add a technical on a complaining Ellis. SAS 30 - GSW 26

End of 1st, 30 - 26 Spurs Up.

Outside of dumb turnovers (5), the Spurs are clicking on offense; shooting 52.4% overall and getting to the line 9 times (hitting 7). The Spurs are actually scoring more on the break than Golden State but Curry isn't missing much tonight. If San Antonio can prevent the points off turnovers they keep giving the Warriors, this game will be a double-digit difference by half.


via Getty Images

Stephen Curry is knocked back by the Argentinian's God-like Aura

2nd Quarter – Gravy smoothies... not that bad.

  • 11:39 Carney gets a wide open drive for a strong dunk. SAS 30 - GSW 28
  • 11:29 Ginobili gets to the FT line again (3 PT attempt). SAS 32 - GSW 28
  • 10:29 Warriors fast break, Curry stops and pops a jumper. SAS 32 - GSW 30
  • 9:59 Blair gets fastbreak pass to Ginobili who gets layup plus a foul. SAS 35 - GSW 30
  • 9:42 Spurs trying to make role players for GSW take shots. Carney tries to make a driving... jump shot? Not sure what that was. It misses and the Spurs want to run.
  • 9:28 Ginobili passes it around defenders back to Blair for easy layup. Warriors timeout. SAS 37 - GSW 30
  • 9:04 Ellis tries to drive and pop a jumper but misses. 3-11 tonight. More please.
  • 8:45 Neal makes a nice spin move to get open for jumper. SAS 39 - GSW 30
  • 8:27 Ellis decides to drive for layup since he can't hit a jumper. SAS 39 - GSW 32
  • 8:05 Blair jumper sighting. SAS 41 - GSW 32
  • 7:33 Neal drives right and makes a running banker off the window. Wow. SAS 43 - GSW 32
  • 7:10 Gadzuric makes a spinning post move to the basket against Blair. SAS 43 - GSW 34
  • 6:38 Udoka blocks Williams.
  • 6:28 Gadzuric fouls Hill. Golden State is getting angry about the foul calls. SAS 45 - GSW 34
  • 6:15 Carney shotputs a 3PT. SAS 45 - GSW 37
  • 5:42 Udoka creates a steal during a Golden State break. Blair gets foul during a retaliatory fast break from the Spurs. Blair with 10 PTS already. SAS 47 - GSW 37
  • 5:11 Williams goes to the line (Blair foul) but misses both FT.
  • 4:53 Parker to Jefferson for an EASY alley-oop dunk. SAS 49 - GSW 37
  • 4:26 Curry hits a deeeeep 3PT. SAS 49 - GSW 40
  • 4:05 Spurs turn it over (Parker pass out of bounds). First TO this quarter.
  • 3:31 Pop calls a timeout. Team is starting to play a little unorganized after a solid eight-plus minutes.
  • 3:24 Duncan tips in a Parker layup miss. SAS 51 - GSW 40
  • 2:49 Curry throws an alley-oop to Wright from almost half court. Bonner playing bad transition D. SAS 51 - GSW 42
  • 2:30 Jefferson stuffs it over David Lee. SAS 53 - GSW 42
  • 2:12 Lee gets a putback after block by Duncan. SAS 53 - GSW 44
  • 1:24 Duncan gets a tough shot in the paint plus a foul. Spurs are 15-18 at the line tonight. SAS 56 - GSW 44
  • 1:03 Wright gets a bank layup over Duncan block attempt. SAS 56 - GSW 46
  • 0:49 Blair floater! SAS 58 - GSW 46
  • 0:41 Curry pullback jump shot. 16 PTS for Curry so far. SAS 58 - GSW 48
Half Time Spurs - 58 Warriors - 48

If San Antonio can prevent the points off turnovers they keep giving the Warriors, this game will be a double-digit difference by half.

After committing 5 TO in the first quarter, San Antonio only handed it over once in the second. The shots from outside aren't exactly falling (1-7) but the team's aggression in the paint has created a gluttony of easy points at the line (15-18). Outside of Stephen Curry (16 PTS) , Golden State has been miserable on both ends of the floor. If you take away Curry's 7-11, the Warriors are shooting 39% overall and 16% from deep. San Antonio is forcing Golden State to drive and pop instead of moving the rock and creating opportunities. Ellis (-10) is 4-12 and struggling against the stingy defense of Ginobili (+22). All the Spurs have to do is tighten up the transition defense a little bit and keep their current offensive production.

Oh yeah... Tim Duncan has 13 PTS, 8 REB, and 5 ASTS through 17:39 minutes of play.




via Getty Images

Here we see the Golden Radmonovic expanding his wings, in an attempt to appear larger and to scare off a dangerous predator. He is not successful.

3rd Quarter – Well, SOMEBODY has to eat the candied yams...

  • 11:45 Lee jump shot to start the half. SAS 58 - GSW 50
  • 11:25 Ginobili shoots a 3Pt over the smaller Ellis SAS 61 - GSW 50
  • 10:53 Lee turnover creates a fast break 3Pt for Manu! SAS 64 - GSW 50
  • 10:53 Curry fouled and hits both FT SAS 64 - GSW 52
  • 10:29 Two handed block by Duncan... playing volley ball, Tim?
  • 9:52 Biedrens tiips in Wright miss. SAS 64 - GSW 54
  • 9:35 Parker makes jumper. SAS 66 - GSW 52.
  • 9:07 Lee gets a tough post shot and a foul. Misses FT. SAS 66 - GSW 56
  • 8:47 Ellis gets easy dunk off Curry steal. SAS 66 - GSW 58
  • 8:30 Ginobili layup gives Duncan his 7 AST. SAS 68 - GSW 58
  • 8:07 Blair gets monster dunk on fast break pass from Jefferson. Timeout Warriors. SAS 70 - GSW 58
  • 7:19 Wright gets turnaround jumper over Manu. SAS 70 - GSW 60
  • 6:44 Ellis clanks 3PT (5-13 overall) and then gets clear-path foul on Jefferson. Makes both FT. SAS 72 - GSW 60.
  • 6:25 Curry with a sweet driving reverse past Duncan. SAS 72 - GSW 62
  • 6:11 Ginobili fakes out defender and sinks corner 3PT. SAS 75 - GSW 62
  • 5:27 When possible, Blair (6'7") is getting to ball before Biedrens (7") does. Lots of easy uncontested def rebounds for Biedrens are padding his stat line.
  • 4:42 Jefferson fouls a driving Williams. Williams makes both FT. SAS 75 - GSW 64
  • 4:24 Jefferson gets late whistle in the paint. Makes both FT. SAS 77 - GSW 64
  • 4:02 Lee jump shot. SAS 77 - GSW 66
  • 3:38 Neal gets another 3PT at the last second. Does the ball actually touch his skin? SAS 80 - 66
  • 3:19 Duncan pulls down his 14th REB. He now has 13 PTS, 14 REB, and 8 AST (and 2 BLK).
  • 3:06 Duncan to Jefferson for alley-oop slam. Lee and RJ get into it and the teams have to step in to separate the two. Jefferson lands on Lee after dunk. RJ raises hands in apology but Lee still goes after RJ. SAS 82 - GSW 66
  • 2:34 Lee fouled by McDyess. Hits both FT. SAS 82 - GSW 68
  • 2:16 Ginobili gets easy layup. SAS 84 - GSW 68
  • 1:39 Ginobili creeps into the lane and gets easy floater plus a foul. SAS 87 - GSW 68
  • 1:25 Lee gets deep into paint but fouled by McDyess. Hits 1/2 FT. SAS 87 - GSW 69
  • 1:04 Manu turns it over on tough pass to Splitter. Ellis breaks it for easy layup. SAS 87 - GSW 71
  • 0:42 Another Neal floater. SAS 89 - GSW 71
  • 0:07 Ginobili loses it on drive and Golden State gets another easy layup. SAS 89 - GSW 73
  • 0:04 Ellis fouls Neal. Spurs looking sloppy in final seconds of the quarter. Neal hits both FT. SAS 91 - GSW 73

End of 3rd, 91 - 73 Spurs Up

Ginobili gets 16 PTS in the 3rd quarter. That is all you need to know. Oh, that and the 3PT shots have started falling (4-5 in the 3rd quarter) and the team defense is frustrating the Warriors.


via Getty Images

Pop: On this play, Richard, I want you to ride David Lee's head as if it were a petting zoo pony.

4th Quarter – Golden State stuffing courtesy of Ginobili.

  • 11:38 Ginobili steals the ball, passes to Hill on break who gets fouled. Hits both FT. SAS 93 - GSW 73
  • 11:15 Wright hits a corner 3PT over Udoka. SAS 93 - GSW 76
  • 10:48 Udoka makes nice pump fake and makes easy in-between jumper. SAS 95 - GSW 76
  • 10:07 Curry gets rebound and easy floater. SAS 95 - GSW 78
  • 9:46 Hill gets jumper off screen, SAS 97 - GSW 78
  • 9:31 Radmonovic gets tough running jumper plus foul. SAS 97 - GSW 81
  • 9:04 Curry makes running leaning/falling jumper over Splitter. What can you do? Golden State on 7-2 run. Spurs timeout. SAS 97- GSW 83
  • 8:49 Duncan re-enters game (1 AST shy of triple-double) and Bonner hits deep 3PT. SAS 100 - GSW 83
  • 8:28 Carney spots up and hits jumper over Jefferson. SAS 100 - GSW 85
  • 6:49 Curry has Duncan on him... so hits a 3 PT. SAS 100 - GSW 88
  • 6:26 Hill hits jumper off Duncan screen and AST. Duncan has his 7th career triple-double and his 1st since 2003. Golden State calls a timeout to shower praise and shine his shoes. SAS 102 - GSW 88
  • 6:08 Radmonovic called for goal tending Parker fast break layup. SAS 104 - GSW 88
  • 5:38 Duncan gets 16 REB on the defensive end and then dunk off Manu AST (pick and roll). SAS 106 - GSW 88
  • 5:24 Curry gets another jumper. SAS 106 - GSW 90
  • 4:20 Golden State running after 3PT pump fakes like mad. Duncan gets another rebound (17) and Hill gets fouled by Carney. Hill makes both. SAS 108 - GSW 90
  • 3:56 Parker hits nuice jumper off Duncan AST (11). SAS 110 - GSW 90
  • 3:38 Ginobili steals the ball and Pop calls a timeout to bench Tim. Duncan finishes with 15 PTS, 18 REB, and 11 AST.
  • 3:01 Curry gets driving layup and a Splitter foul. SAS 110 - GSW 93
  • 2:35 Bonner 3PT. SAS 113 - GSW 93
  • 2:23 Udoka picks off Curry pass which leads to Hill fast break and foul. Hill shoots team FTs #30 and #31. Hits 1/2 and the Spurs are 27-31 at the line. Splitter gets second FT miss and puts it in. PtR, meet the Bizarro Spurs. SAS 116 - GSW 93
  • 1:39 Williams drives it it for two. SAS 116 - GSW 95
  • 1:15 Lin drives and gets fouled. Misses both FT.
  • 0:51 Blair step back jumper, ladies and gentleman. SAS 118 - GSW 95
  • 0:34 Adrien makes easy layup and gets the foul. SAS 118 - GSW 98
  • 0:15 Splitter throws some wild elbows/post moves and draws the non-shooting foul. Just looked weird.

Spurs Win Dominate: 118 - 98.

The Spurs never relented on the fast breaks and controlled glass throughout the 4th. This was definitely a more consistent game on both sides of the ball and is a positive indicator that this team is still working/improving. Solid play throughout the team (7 players in double digits) and smart/efficient control of the ball. The Spurs were a little careless in the 1st quarter with 5 TO but tightened up their play by only committing 6 throughout the rest of the game. You combine that with the 31 team ASTS (vs 20 from GSW) and its easy to see how San Antonio ran away this one.

Solid 48 minute game.

- Manu in post-game interview.

Post-Game: Never a bad time for pie...




via Getty Images

Now, when I say, "Who's da mastah?" you say, "GOAT PUFF!"

Warriors’ Three Stars

  1. Stephen Curry: 32 PTS, 13-22 FG, 3-6 3PT, 5 AST -- He was the only reason GSW was even competitive at times.
  2. David Lee: 18 PTS, 7-12 FG, 7 REB, 5 AST -- Played a solid offensive game in the post. No where else though...
  3. Jeremy Lin: Because he went to Harvard.... seriously though, no one deserves this spot.
Spurs’ Three Stars
  1. Manu Ginobili: 27 PTS, 8-13 FG, 3-7 3PT, 8-9 FT, 6 REB, 3 AST, 5 STL, 30:26 MIN (+31) -- "MVP" is an understatement.
  2. Tim Duncan: 15 PTS, 6-15 FG, 18 REB, 11 AST, 2 BLK, 32:35 MIN -- Bow to the mastah.
  3. DeJuan Blair: 16 PTS, 8-13 FG, 10 REB, 2 STL, 28:16 MIN -- Hope this is a spark.
Honorable mention: Gary Neal (hot shooting), George Hill (defense), Udoka (defense)

Best of the Best from the Best

MANU GINOBILI Cares not for your humanity.


Jefferson booed like it was 2009!

-Ed (dfjmed)

"Playing the Spurs is like having a root canal—they just take you apart deliberately and painfully"

-AirForceAggie2010 (comment originally from Golden State local broadcast team).

Five Quick Shots: What is this "dribble" you speak of?

  1. Gary Neal runs funny.
  2. Ginobili is having a career year. MVP votes will come if this keeps up.
  3. Udoka fitting in very well so far.
  4. Jefferson didn't exactly have a "good" game but I still like what he bought.
  5. 27-31 FT? Almost 80% on the season? Whose soul did we sell?

Next Game: San Antonio Spurs @ Los Angeles Griffins --- Wednesday, Dec 1. 9:30 PM Spurs Time (CT)

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