What worries you (about the Spurs)? A PtR poll

Growing up, my natural tendency was to worry... about practically everything.  As I matured, I've learned that worrying doesn't help solve problems, and have been largely successful at worrying less and enjoying life more.

That said, I sometimes indulge my tendency to worry by worrying about things that I can't possibly affect or influence, especially when they are comparatively inconsequential matters such as the performance of my favorite team.  After the Jump, come play with me and consider the things that might concern us about the Spurs just four games into the 2010-11 campaign.

The Spurs have only played four games, yet already I like much of what I've seen.  The Big Three.... well, they're still the Big Three.  Parker still is able to cause havok penetrating into the paint, Manu still will do anything and everything he can to win, and the game against the Suns proved to me that it's a mistake to think that the Big Fundamental has lost it.  RJ 2.0 has been even better than my high expectations for him.  The rookies in the rotation - Anderson, Neal, Splitter - range from great to looking promising with more data needed.  As I've written elsewhere, this team looks like it will be very dangerous and competitive if everyone plays thrives in the roles they've been assigned.


  • Considering the level of the competition, the Spurs have not played particularly well.
  • I understand that the pace is getting us easy baskets, but what happened to the D?
  • For that matter, where's the rebounding too?  Out on vacation with the defense?
  • Is Pop really gonna rely on three rookies playing critical roles and minutes in the rotation?
  • What happened to DeBeast?  Did he use it all up in the preseason?
  • What happened to Hill over the summer?  When will he return to form?
  • Who are you, RJ 2.0 and what did you do with last year's Peanut?  Are you here to stay?
  • Will the Fountain of Youth that the Big Three and McDyess been drinking from run dry?  Can they, will they stay healthy through a long grueling season, and the playoff afterward?

So, what do you worry about, when you lie awake at night thinking about the Spurs thus far in the early season? Should we be concerned about any of the above, or am I being ridiculous?  Or do you have worries that I haven't even thought about? :)

This is fan-created content on The opinion here is not necessarily shared by the editorial staff at Pounding the Rock.

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