QuickCap #13 - San Antonio Spurs vs Orlando Magic (GIFs inside)



Roll Call: Tim C., indiancharlie, TD21, cryoscourge, audreypots, completely deck, r21x, spursfan87, Alamo, greyberger, Hirschof, Chedda(r), freshtunarightofftheboat, In the 666, mcmccaleb, CarBahia, SinCitySpur, Manu-20, rank, The Augustus, mission20, KA1Z3R, Cedarpark, TexaninNYC, JonnyJam, LionZion, shost, ReganRahardja, Mr.Cub22, day_late_friend, vice, prozak, Tuhamburglar, quincyscott, Chilai, Manu ex Machina, jollyrogerwilco, Sh!fty, NYHorn, fado, NotDeadYet, CapHill, AirForceAggie2010, canallon, DrumsInTheDeep, LatinD, Fult45, silverandblack_davis, pablitoo, bj1der, Spurlady, M3D1T8R, the little o, Bushka, vimce_dg, Lauri, Plantir fasciagilistic epxpialidoshus, tonyginobili, Cello the great, Unclebob03, ramirezm315, kicogu, Queness, SpurInDallas, LakehillsFan, Aaron Can, LasEspuelas, mikrobass3, slipstream21, TecateBoltsFan, 4Him, bellasa, richbruiser, Ms. Smith
Total Users: 74
Total Posts: 2200
Total Threads: 4

Name # of Posts
aal;kdfj' >9000
completely deck 148
KA1Z3R 125
freshtunarightofftheboat 108
rank 107
bj1der 103
spursfan87 99
mission20 81
CapHill 78
jollyrogerwilco 74
greyberger 72
r21x 68
day_late_friend 62
In the 666 61
DrumsInTheDeep 60
CarBahia 50
Cello the great 48
Unclebob03 46
Plantir fasciagilistic epxpialidoshus 45
LatinD 44
Tuhamburglar 42
Chilai 41
indiancharlie 38
shost 38
pablitoo 37
ReganRahardja 33
SinCitySpur 33
quincyscott 29
audreypots 28
prozak 25
TD21 24
cryoscourge 24
Manu-20 23
fado 22
the little o 21
silverandblack_davis 21
canallon 20
Bushka 17
Lauri 15
LionZion 15
Alamo 14
LakehillsFan 13
vimce_dg 12
Queness 12
M3D1T8R 12
Tim C. 12
JonnyJam 11
Sh!fty 9
Spurlady 8
vice 7
Manu ex Machina 6
TexaninNYC 5
LasEspuelas 5
kicogu 5
SpurInDallas 5
Aaron Can 4
slipstream21 4
AirForceAggie2010 4
Chedda(r) 4
Fult45 4
TecateBoltsFan 2
NotDeadYet 2
mikrobass3 2
Hirschof 2
4Him 1
bellasa 1
Ms. Smith 1
richbruiser 1
The Augustus 1
Cedarpark 1
ramirezm315 1
NYHorn 1
mcmccaleb 1
Mr.Cub22 1
tonyginobili 1

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