Game 6 Recap: I've Got A Good Feeling About These Guys

Game 6, @ Charlotte: Spurs 95-91       Record (5-1)        RAGE:  0

So I'm in a fantasy football league. Of course I am. The other day I got an e-mail from our commissioner, Captain Poop. He asks me whether I'm in favor of extending the trade deadline, yay or nay. I wrote back, "nay." Actually, I wrote like 20 different ways of saying "no," because I'm funny like that. 

A couple hours later, I received a league email saying, the trade deadline will be extended blah blah blah because everyone voted yay except for Mike, and as we know, his favorite thing to do is complain.

Naturally, this got me upset. How did I complain? All I did was vote. It's like the guy asked me which color I like more, blue or green, and I choose blue, and then he tells the league all I did bitch about how much green sucks, when all I did was choose blue. I got really pissed off at him and said it's embarrassing how somebody in law school doesn't know the difference between a dissenting opinion and a complaint.

To get even, he said even though the vote stands 6-3 with three people who haven't responded, that the measure has passed because we have a quorum.

Clearly he's showing off one of his lawyer words that they taught him at lawyer school. I don't know what it means, but because of the individual involved, I'd say there's a 50% chance he's misusing it.

I think the moral of the story is that no one should ever vote.

Or that I really need to stop being friends with Captain Poop.


On the bright side, the Spurs won, the Heat already have three losses (Millsap!) and I saw this on you-tube.

I've Got a Good Feeling About This | Wheel of Fortune | 2010 (via daddiesgun)

Maybe this woman just wanted to show off or whatever, but mathematically she's an idiot. Your odds of hitting the "bankrupt" thingy on that wheel are like 20-to-1. If you know what the puzzle is, spin the damn wheel some more times and make some money.

Women by nature are chicken about games of chance that involve money. That's why they don't gamble much in casinos (except for Asians; whole different culture there). Even the ones who play poker are very reluctant to ever raise or bluff. They'll call or check and that's it. No guy in that WOF situation would've ever solved the puzzle after one letter unless there was like a running clock or something.

So yeah, Spurs and Bobcats. Wooo! A Monday game in Charlotte played mainly in front of family and friends. Even the groupies in the stands were mainly there for Michael Jordan.

I can't stand the Bobcats because they're a team of babies. Crazy ass Stephen Jackson whines like a baby after every call. Disgusting Gerald Wallace constantly chews and sucks on his saliva-oozing germ-filled mouthguard, like a baby with a pacifier. Boris Diaw has never shed his baby fat. It's a team consisting of "stars" who are either completely delusional or oblivious about what their offensive strengths are. Jackson thinks he can dribble and create when he clearly cannot and had six turnovers. Wallace thinks he can shoot when it's obvious his strength is bullying his way to the rim. D.J. Augustin thinks he can score, and his 3-of-15 night pretty much cost the Bobcats the game.

Predictably, the Spurs started slowly. I'd have been shocked if they didn't, considering it was a Monday night in an empty gym in frickin' Charlotte. Duncan had some good energy early but couldn't hit a shot. Parker seemed to have dead legs and he couldn't get to the rim. Manu was especially awful, jacking terrible three pointers that were either step backs or otherwise off the dribble instead of catch-and-shoots. He also had some indefensibly sloppy turnovers.

Midway through the second quarter the Spurs were down 10 and they should've been down 25 if the Bobcats could've shot the three worth a lick. They had guys wide open from downtown all night, but particularly so in the first half, and shot 6-of-19 (31%). I am hopeful that was actually a part of the game plan, to pack the lane and purposefully let those guys shoot, but I doubt that was the case at all. We were just that bad at rotating over and fighting through picks. Then again, their best outside shooter, Diaw, only took three of them, so you never know what Pop's thinking.

Three rookies; Gary Neal, James Anderson and Tiago Splitter, kept the game from being a runaway with a combined 11 points during the first half of the second quarter and then Gino had seven points in a 1:48 stretch late in the period (TP had a nice steal and layup in there) to make what should've been a much bigger deficit only four points at half.

In the third quarter the game turned in our favor for good, thanks mostly to the big three finding their rhythm. Not only did they all regain their scoring touch (a combined 20 points in the 3rd) but their passing just became contagious as even RJ and Beast started making brilliant plays. First RJ and Tony finished off a 2-on-1 with a sweet four pass give-and-go against the bewildered Augustin with Parker finishing it off. Moments later Blair had a fabulous touch pass in the post to Duncan for two. In all the starting lineup had 24 points (10-of-20, but still), 10 rebounds, six assists, four steals and a block.

The game felt in control, but then Pop went Pop on us and for a three minute stretch overlapping the third and fourth quarters we didn't have any of our big three (or even RJ) in the game. Was it poor rotation planning? A teaching moment for the young bench? Too much faith in George Hill? Probably some combination of all three. All I know is that even at his best Hill has never been much of a shot creator, not for himself or others, and having him as the only ball handler in a five man group also consisting of three rookies and McDyess sounds to me a fairly disastrous idea, even more so when Hill's playing with as little confidence as he is these days. He was indecisive and unaggressive, looking to hand the ball off to whoever wanted it, even though the lineup was CLEARLY designed to have him be the initiator. When Pop put that quintet on the floor, I don't think what he had in mind was Tiago dribbling behind the three point line.

We survived that stretch thanks to a couple of lucky bounces and some hustle as the big men got a couple of dunks, but still, with Hill playing this poorly, I think either Tony or Manu should be on the floor at all times. Or at the very least throw Timmy out there and run four down.

The Spurs finished off the game thanks to three huge bombs from Neal and one from Gino. Pop played smallball down the stretch to match Charlotte's lineup and it almost doomed us down the stretch as we didn't have anyone inside to rebound with Ty Thomas. A 93-84 lead with 1:30 to go turned into 93-91 in the blink of an eye with this sequence:

Ginobili turnover, Diaw one free throw, Parker miss, Shaun Livingston jumper, Parker turnover, Thomas offensive rebound dunk and one, offensive rebound on missed free throw by Thomas and dunk by Derrick Brown. Pop, about to burst a blood vessel, called time.

On the game broadcast Sean Elliott seemed to suggest, without naming names, that it was Manu's fault that Thomas got the rebound since the third guy at the line is responsible for blocking out the shooter. However, if you look at the replay, Gino had good box out position initially before being elbowed out of the way by Brown in front of him, opening up the lane for Thomas. An incidental play, but still a foul if a ref is feeling bookish.

In either event Manu made up for his mistake by putting the game to bed with a runner with five seconds to go. The no calls evened out there because I'm old school enough to think he might have gotten away with a carry on that hesitation high dribble move he pulled off on Livingston. I doubt it was his intention to make it so close but for some reason the Spurs had a lot of difficulty handling the ball, dribbling it in particular, all night. There was either something funky about it or the floor, because their guards looked like centers dribbling the whole game.

As far as individuals go Hill was the only real negative. He just looks like he doesn't even want to be playing when he's out on the floor. I don't know if something is going on in his personal life, but he has zero energy, zero confidence, he's hesitant to shoot and he's playing hot potato with the ball. Pop's got to be wondering what's up with him.

We saw signs of incremental progress from Blair and I think he's pretty close to snapping out of his funk. He's rebounding and defending better now and still passing well. The last piece for him will be making those layups and regaining his knack around the basket. Splitter had his best performance to date and I think once he builds up his endurance he'll be fine. I want to see him post up a couple times per shift though, or at least work some P&R's. Anderson's line looks worse than how he played. All of his misses were close and he had to force a couple with the shot clock running down thanks to Pop's weird lineup fetishes. With Dice I don't know what drugs or PEDs he's on and I don't want to know. Just keep doing what you're doing big fella.

RJ's jumper was off, but he played well in just about every other facet whether it was rebounding, defense, passing or getting to the lane. It was a good all-around performance and another encouraging sign, that he could contribute without a lot of touches. Tony had another aggressive defensive game and is getting pretty good at kicking it out for three pointers. The only flaw with him right now is getting to the basket and finishing, as he had three or four shots blocked. Come to think of it, Manu isn't penetrating much either. Is this how it's going to be with them all year, or are they easing their way into the season? Shit, more negative thoughts!

Your Three Stars:

3. Tim Duncan - Pretty good interior defense all game, some spotty rebounding when he was the lone big, and his outside shot wasn't there at all. He did fill up the stat sheet though, and made the Bobcats resort to a lot of jumpers, which isn't their strength. And two dunks!

2. Manu Ginobili - Can't give him top honors because he was flat out terrible for the first 18 minutes or so. Responded with a fine second half and made a number of big shots, passes, rebounds and defensive plays, basically the voodoo that he do, to ensure the win. Still shooting way too many threes though.

1. Gary Neal - Three fourth quarter threes to give the Spurs some room and five from down town in all. Can't see us losing very many with him filling it up like that. The Bobcats don't really have anyone who could take advantage of Neal's defensive limitations, so it worked out.

Up Next: Wednesday, Vs. Los Angeles Clippers (1-7). It seems redundant and almost cruel to say Mr. Schedule Maker gave the Clips a "scheduled loss" here, but what would you call a SEGABABA on the road after just getting trounced at the NOOCH? I'm sure they'll be spunky and energetic early because they're young and too stupid to know any better, but if the Spurs get out to a ten point lead by half time, these guys might not have much fight in them. Boom Dizzle has been reduced to a bench role in favor of Eric Bledsoe and Chris Kaveman will likely be out with a sprained ankle, so something called Al-Farouq Aminu will be starting at center. He sounds friendly.

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