Doomesday Scenerio 40-42

Now, or not now but maybe later, you might be calling me "Chicken Little" but let me excuse myself from such a moniker.  I was going to write this up Friday night but didn't get to it.  Also, if you don't want to read some "not so much a ray of sunshine for this season" then you shouldn't read this post.  More after the non-leap of faith.

Hey, you made it.  At least you are willing to look at the dark side of things.

First up, let me say this scenerio that I am building may improve with a Splitter in the picture but only by so much.


Cracks in the Spurs defense has turned into chasms within the last couple of seasons.  Largely because of the aging of our best defender out their, the GOATPUFF.  I do not need to elaborate on this point.  Secondly, what we all hoped was the second coming of a Bruce Bowen type has dissipated into smoke time and again.  I am beginning to recognize that Bruce Bowen may have been a rare a player as those Championships that the Spurs won.  But I digress. 

So no dominating man in the center + no shut down perimeter defender + thinking we can still do things the old ways = fail

Much like my friendly failing cat, the Spurs have been trying to fit into a window that is closed.  Oh, I went there.

But wait!  We just signed TP to a 4 year contract!

My response - just putting off the inevitable.  Was it a good deal for a top ten point guard?  Yes.  Will it help us reach the playoffs, maybe.  Will it help us win a championship?  No. 

The team is in a state of rebuilding, right now!  The Spurs have so many new(er) guys on the floor that team chemistry is reserved only for the Big 3, whom it has been deemed by Time to not be able to perform at their once great levels (except maybe for Manu).  Yes, yes, Timmy still puts up good stats but he is a defensive liability.  Manu is awesomeness but can't do it alone.  The French guy - yeah, well, I was one of the "haters" and you can still put me in that camp.  Hill will not reach most people's exp, Blair is fun to watch but cannot guard bigger men, Gary Neal was a great pick up but will only flourish as a streaky (albeit) good shooter can, Tiago is not playing right now but will soon.  He will help but he has not played in a single NBA regular season game - that is all kinds of trouble waiting to happen.  Richard Jefferson is Richard Jefferson.  He will improve this year but not enough to supplant one of the Big 3, which needs to happen.  SAM is a great addition but is only one piece to a successful year.  Bonner is Bonner and has been injury prone the past two seasons.  James Anderson has potential but he is for the future, not now.  Anyone else I might have missed is just that, missed. 


The A-Train pick:  At the end of November the Spurs will be 7-10

At the end of December the Spurs will be 13-19

At the end of January the Spurs will be 20-27

At the end of February the Spurs will be 25-34

At the end of March the Spurs will be 36-39

At the end of April the Spurs will be 40-42

Thus, probably missing the playoffs.


Hey but this is could be just a bad dream..................

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