NBA 2K11 Simulation :: How'd We Fare?


For those long time readers of Air Alamo and some new to the site, we have done in the past simulation's from our gaming system to see how the virtual Spurs fare against their virtual counterparts.

The game we are using is the only game that truly be the best for this simulation, 2K Sports NBA 2K11. Normally I would love to do them for all 82 games but with finding the time to do these and my work schedule it isn't possible.

I do though will be doing them for those 'good' games for all to view and to comment, yes we would like to see comments on these types of things. Without further ado, tonights matchup is that of the season opener between our Spurs and the Indiana Pacers at the AT&T Center.

After the jump, you can check out the outcome


The Indiana Pacers come into the Alamo City looking to start their year off with a win.  The San Antonio Spurs are looking to make their way to the NBA Finals in quest of capturing another title. 

From the tip the Indiana Pacers came out strong.  They shocked the sold out crowd at the AT&T Center as they opened up to a 12 point lead after one.  The Spurs offense as many would find would be slow to start, and we all know how that is for our team.  So the virtual Spurs are that of their real life counterparts, start off slow.

After one the Spurs were playing from behind, yet three more quarters to go and Virtual Pop must of put a licking to the guys because in the second quarter they came out, on fire.


The Spurs behind Manu Ginobili and Tim Duncan would lead to a comeback and help the Spurs drop 37 in the second.  Spurs would take a two point lead into the half 55-53.

In the second half, no let down by San Antonio as they kept chipping away at the Pacers.  Tyler Hansbrough whom missed all of last season did manage to keep them at bay.  He would score 22 points in 33 minutes of action.

Dahntay Jones would also lend his hand in the process of a comeback as they saw their lead diminishing.  Jones would come off the bench to hit for 25.  Most noticable stat on the Pacers was that of Jones attempts at the free throw line, 15 out of 16.  As a team they took 44 trips to the line and hit 37 of them.

For San Antonio, they have had problems at the line.  This game they went 29 times and hit 23.  Good sign huh? In the Virtual world hell yeah.  In the real world we need this.

Spurs would dominate the rest of the way and take a 115 to 95 win over the Pacers.  Indiana were paced by Danny Granger (20 points), Tyler Hansbrough (22 points) and Dahntay Jones (25 points).

San Antonio had six players reach double figures.  Manu Ginobili led the way with 25 showing his mid season form with the way he twisted his way to the basket.  Duncan (24 points), Parker (18 points), Jefferson (12 points), Hill (13 points), and Temple 10.  DeJuan Blair getting the starting spot at the power forward finished with 5 points and 3 rebounds. 

How did Tiago do? He played just four minutes.

Virtual Spurs 1-0.



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