NBA Owners & Head office crying poor

It's all over the usual sites at the present, yahoo, probasketballtalk, true hoop etc.

Apparently the owners want to cut players salaries by 30%.

According to everyones favorite New York Lawyer, the same guys who pay Darko Milicic 20 million for being tall, and  are unable to make an honest dollar from it.

I am not sure that there will be a groundswell of public support for the league if it pushs this thing to a lockout.  

I wonder how Stern can get out front for what is to be candid, a rabble of owners(is that the collective ?  It should be). He is basically talking about defending these guys from themselves.

Take a buffoon like Michael Heisley, a guy who created his own labour dispute out of nothing, by refusing to pay his rookies 120% of scale (Someone told him it was just convention not an actual rule type thingamy) and got into a low rent game of chickent with Xavier Henry.  

The kicker obviously was that he was trying to save a few hundred thousand, after paying Rudy Gay all of the bananas in the world to not rebound the ball well for his position and only take a bad shot when he was physically touching the ball.

I wonder at Donald "Whats a contract" Sterling, I wonder at James Dolan, I wonder like hell at the Kroenkes in Denver, and the conglomerate of humans running the Hawks in Atlanta who decided to create Salary Apocalypse by committee. I pretty much wonder at the majority of NBA owners.  They have access to the same kind of information we have only better, yet they still tend to grossly overpay for the services of players who tend to almost immediately sink a franchise.

These are the same owners who have basically made huge expiring chunks of flesh like Tracy McGrady, Stephan Marbury, Kenny Thomas, Allen Iverson et al valuable because they can release a franchise from the salary cap stupidity they generally backed themselves into in the first place, with their wonderful & magical expiring fruit.

I know this isn't 100% spurs centric even though of course it will affect our beloved franchise.

I just find this kind of thing enraging.  Obviously the owners are going to inflate losses, the players are going to complain and come back with record's all grist to the mill, but it sure looks like the lockouts coming.

This is fan-created content on The opinion here is not necessarily shared by the editorial staff at Pounding the Rock.

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