Late Quickcap: Spurs 97 Vs Hornets 90: Spurs dawdle, make easy game closer than necessary (what else is new?)

Average time it takes for TV viewers to mute Hornets home games: 6.5 minutes

Jefferson didn't start, Duncan was his usual MVP self, Manu threw himself around the court, Parker outplayed Paul, Blair was Blaaaaaaaaaaiiiir, Hill was solid on D, and yet the team still coughed up three big leads in a semi-frustrating win. There... I'm done. What? You want more? Greedy bas... make the #$%& jump.

This is my first recap so stick with me... this may be strange and unusual but then again whose first time wasn't? Eh?


1st Quarter: 29 Spurs - 16 Hornets

The smartest thing the Spurs could do against a team featuring a premier scorer and distributor like Paul is to take him out earlier. My requests for a Theo Tomahawk to the skull were denied, so instead the good guys (mainly Hill) played tough defense on McScreamy (0-2) and managed to get him to pick up two fouls with 3:35 left in the first. Spurs scored 13 of the last 17 points of the quarter. Tim starts thinking ahead to this weekend's Dungeons & Dragons meeting.

2nd Quarter: 56 Spurs - 41 Hornets

Mason gets three rebounds (two offensive) in a row: Its obvious at this point that the Spurs are going to win the rebounding battle. Paul makes score his first points three minutes and eleven secondsinto the second quarter. Hill plays most of the quarter andcontinues his aggressive defense on CP3. Parker scores 12 of the Spurs 27 in the second quarter. At the end of a fast break, Manu gets smacked across the nose by Posey (drawing blood). Manu proceeds to embarrass Posey later with a crafty baseline cut. The first half ends and Timmy is looking forward to having the whole fourth quarter to plan his D&D story. Timmy is always the Dungeon Master. Always.

3rd Quarter: 78 Spurs - 61 Hornets

Bogans turns the ball over eleven seconds into the third which moves me to reach for the closest bottle of scotch. Seven straight Hornets points later, I'm planning my "I can't make it to work" story. We see a 15 point lead dwindle to 7 before the Spurs wake up and go on a 12-0 run. The Spurs go up by as much as 21 but late turnovers, and a quick 6-0 Hornets run make PtR faithful squirm. Duncan goes to the bench at the end of the quarter, confident the bench can close the game and give him ample time to construct the dark terrors of the Tower of Vichopop: The Mad Wizard.

4th Quarter: 97 Spurs - 90 Hornets

Bogans turns the ball over and the Hornets score seven strai...wait. Didn't I already write this? Sigh....The Spurs commit four turnovers in the first two minutes of play. An aggravated Duncan comes back into the game to clean up the mess. The Spurs stop the bleeding and keep pace with the suddenly motivated Hornets. How motivated? James Posey plays with death by trying to trip Duncan. The Spurs spend the last three minutes of the game shooting freethrows and make most of them thus putting the final touch on a game that was closer than it ever should have been. Duncan is not amused.

So basically we had to beat the Hornets three times in one game. - Hipuks


But our heroes won. Pour yourself a drink and be happy.

Three Stars of the Game:

Duncan: 21 pts, 14 reb, 3 ast, 2 blks, and a partially completed idea for a D&D adventure. 37 minutes though...

Parker: 25 pts and no TO. CP3 finished with a -16. Frenchie finished with a +18. The main reason for Paul's play can be found in the next line.

Hill/Blair/Manu: Hill played great defense for 37 minutes and made life tough for Paul. Blair pulled down 13 lolbounds and drew double-teams a few times. Manu was Manu with 11 pts, 6 rebs, 6 asts, and 3 stls.

I'm done... hope I didn't butcher this too much.

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