Blair lollerskates Spurs to a win.

It was a tough, hard fought game against OKC, but in the end we prevailed like older brothers prevail against younger, more annoying little brothers and their stupid announcers.

Also, Blair sort of had a good game. Join me after the jump unless you have plantar fasciitis.




Oh my bad, I meant


That's all you need to know really. You can skip over the rest of the stuff.

First Quarter:

I missed about half of the first quarter because I had to take my dog on a walk. More like a run really, I go on my bike and he has to run otherwise I will beat the living crap out of him. It's good exercise for him.

Anyway, when I joined the Spurs were up by double digits and everyone kept mentioning Blair. Apparently he was dominating OKC like he dominates the nature of reality itself. He was 7-9 in this quarter and had 16 points.Tony kicked some serious ass in this quarter. I think, maybe.

Spurs 38-18 Thunder

Everyone was feeling good about the game and atmosphere was jovial.

Second Quarter:

Things didn't go so smooth here. I think we were up 19 at one point, they managed to get the lead down to something like 5 after going on a 18-4 run that I just read about on Yahoo sports. The Spurs managed to answer back and stretch the lead to double digits again, before some Thunder player hit a 3 to end the first half, and was rewarded by his coach with a change of diapers and a warm bottle of milk.

Halftime: Awesome sea slug that can produce chlorophyll.

Third Quarter:

Didn't happen.

Fourth Quarter:

The game was pretty tight throughout the fourth quarter. We were up by 8 with 4 minutes to go when we had a pretty bad meltdown and OKC went on a 8-0 run to tie up the score. Parker hit a crucial jumper to put the Spurs up by 2, but Westbrook answered and the game was tied once again. We had the final shot and let met just say it ended with Dice taking a three. Overtime.

I should also mention that by this time the atmosphere had turned pretty nasty and things were said against OKC that we wish we could take back but not really. Needless to say, living in Oklahoma is punishment enough for these kids.


Also pretty tight, we could not buy a bucket to save our lives but we got to the foul line and that's what kept us in the game. And BLAAAAAAAAAIIIIIIIIRRRRRR of course. But then he fouled out.

As Dice had previously misses a freebie, we were up by one when an awesome sequence of events was about to be unleashed.

Up to this point, Manu had gone scoreless in regulation and had only had two points in overtime. He had the ball when something or another happened and the pass bounced off Dice going out of bounds. Oh I'm sorry, did I say going out of bounds? I meant GINOBILI FUCKING FLEW OUT OF BOUNDS, BEING COMPLETELY HORIZONTAL TO THE FLOOR THEN GRABBED THE BALL WITH BOTH HANDS AND THREW THE BALL INSIDE TO HILL WHO THEN PASSED IT TO RAGE WHO THEN COMMITTED (HA!) TO A JUMPER THAT WENT IN, PUTTING US UP BY ONE.


Westbrook, worried about completing Pokemon silver on his Nintendo DS, missed the last jumper of the game. Spurs win 109-108, everyone's nipples are calm once again.

I'm not happy that once again we squandered a big lead and had to fight back to win it. But we were without Duncan and with Ginobili shooting bricks, and with Mace and Rage not shooting that well. It was a win where the team had to overcome adversity and instead of folding like a really cool Origami folding thingie, we pulled through and came up with a win, and all of this without our leader on the court against a team that has had our number.

Hopefully this is a sign of things to come. Not the squandering big leads, the overcoming adversity part.

Your 4 Stars:

DeJuan BLLLLLLLLLLLLAAAAAAAAAIIIIIIIIRRRRR!: 31 minutes, 11-17 shooting, 10 offensive rebounds and 21 rebounds in total, 2 steal and 2 blocks, 28 points in total. Also 6 fouls. Without him we wouldn't have won, that's all that needs to be said.

Tony Parker: 12-24 shooting, 8 assists and 4 TO's, 28 points. The Frenchman dominated at times, and although his jumper wasn't falling towards the end, he hit a crucial basket that gave the Spurs the lead and would eventually allow us to go to overtime.

PSR J1846-0258: Cool neutron star that acts like a magnetar. 884 years old.

Manu: Just because of that crazy ass save.

Next up, the Bobcats. Get your Dogos ready.



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