The Admiral's Ghost

Sometimes you can tell with just a glance

Before someone complains about the title, I only picked it because David Robinson's famous nickname always reminds me of a poem of that name I first read many years ago, when I was still learning how to spell "cat". It's by Alfred Noyes, and this part in particular seems oddly fitting:

'He wasn't the man you think!
His patch was a dern disguise!
For he knew that they'd find him out, d'you see,
If they looked him in both his eyes.

Anyway. The NBA has actually gotten off their high YouTube horse and they're using their incredible database of old games and important moments in the league's history to put together amazing must-watch videos. They've recently done it for Magic Johnson to commemorate his 50th birthday and I actually wrote a post with all of the videos in my blog. Then came John Stockton's videos, which I embedded in last week's TWSS.

Well, it's finally David Robinson's turn, ladies and gentleman. ...And there was much rejoicing.

This post's goals are humble: inform you of these videos' existence and put them a mere click away. If you want to reminisce about a time when CDs were a novelty, the Wall was still upright, Argentina had just won the World Cup and the Spurs were banner-less, join me after the jump.

Spurs win the 1987 Draft Lottery
"we've waited 14 years - what's two more?" said Bob Bass. If you ever think that Lady Luck hasn't been fair to the Spurs, consider that David Robinson could've been a Suns player.

Highlights of a Young David Robinson (Or as the NBA calls them, "Highlites")

As the description reads: "This man was Dwight Howard, before there was Dwight Howard." And the truth is, he was much better than Dwight is and probably ever will be, but we all have short memories.

David Robinson wins the 1995 MVP

A good moment in David's career. Too bad about what came next. By the way, is it me or does Stern never age?

Spurs win the 1999 NBA Title

Tim, AJ's tiny voice, Elliott, and the Admiral at the center of it all. Good team, good year. I think this is when I first paid attention to the team in black and white.

David Robinson Talks about His Career
How can he be so nice? Stop making us look bad, dammit. He really had the perfect ending.

That's it for the material. I'm just going to add a video about one of Robinson's most amazing games - the ones that's probably already on your minds.

The Game
71 points and a scoring title. This video has only audio of the fans cheering and the game sounds, and it's 100 times better because of it. Enjoy.


Robinson's draft started two decades of great Spurs basketball. Here's to many more years of black, white and silver dominance.

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