Offseason Photo Diary - Arizona (updated)

So, the offseason is boring.  Without the Spurs around, it's as good a time as any to talk about our favorite hobbies.  Most people that have seen me post much around these parts will know that photography - and more specifically, landscape/outdoor photography - is my vice. 

A while back, I promised to do a photography thread for the offseason.  Since every Spurs-related issue has been beaten to death 5 times over, it's now time to share my extracirricular activities.

So now it's time I shut up about how much I hate living here, and show everyone the more beautiful side of Arizona.  Obviously, you have your stereotypes in Sedona and the Grand Canyon, which I'll get to later.  But, before I get to that stuff, have a look at last night's sunset from here in Phoenix. 



Before everyone "in the know" about this kind of stuff calls me out on it - yes, excessive use of photoshop was required for that first one, as I actually blended 2 different images with different exposure levels(1/40 sec for the land and 1/500th sec for the sky) to get the effect I wanted.  This next one, however, was simply resized - no other edits were made.

Certain Coloradoans on this site have claimed that they have the best sunsets in the US.  I beg to differ.

Those were both taken from South Mountain Park, which wikipedia says is the largest city park in the United States. Since I believe everything that's on Wikipedia, that must be true. Actually, it would surprise me if there actually was a larger city park than that - the thing is about 15 miles long, 4 miles wide, and I live at the end of it(That's right, I walked to where those pics were taken)

Yeah, maybe I complain too much.  Now, we'll continue the Phoenix theme with a sunrise from about a year and a half ago, which I caught from the top of Squaw Peak.



If you couldn't tell, hiking is another thing I enjoy.  When I moved here, I learned to take my camera with me to try to catch anything I found along the way.  This ended up producing some interesting stuff as well.




Those are real petroglyphs, one of the few places where they haven't been disturbed or grafitti'd over by Arizonans.  Did I mention AZ's public education system ranks 50th out of 50 states consistently?  Did you really think I could write a whole thread about AZ without putting it down at least once?

So that wraps up the best I have for Phoenix.  Now, on to the stuff I really enjoy - Northern Arizona.  We'll kick off with the Grand Canyon and Flagstaff.

This is Humphreys Peak, the highest peak in Arizona, which is adjacent to Flagstaff

The Grand Canyon - notice the use of Black and White, which obviously makes me edgy and cool

Photoshop tricks were used on the sky

Yes, it snows in Arizona.

You might recognize that tree from the black and white photo up above

And now, we move on to my favorite part of Arizona:  Sedona. 





And finally, my personal favorite Arizona photo.  This one was taken December 2008 at the Grand Canyon.


I can only hope this was a nice photographic journey for all of you out there reading it.  It's been a fun personal journey, and it's always fun to share. And I'm sorry in advance if your browser can't handle this thread - I tried to keep it somewhat short.

Speaking of which, I'd like to invite anyone who is interested to share some of your favorite personal photos.  I'm sure it would be more than welcome eye candy for those of us who are bored out of our minds without basketball.  Feel free to share in the comments, or do as Hipuks has done a couple of times, and write your own FanPost about it.

Update: took another trip to Sedona today...



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