The Battle for the 5 title and rights to team of the decade


The Battle for the 5 title:
As we enter this season it could be one that defines NBA history. What I mean is who get the 5 title Spurs or Lakers. For years now the NBA has been dominated by these two franchise. In fact the Spurs and Lakers are ranked in the top 3 of best franchise all time. They have especially been destroying the league ever since 99-present. In simpler words they have basically been the best 2 teams of this decade. At this point I have the Spurs ahead of the Lakers for team of the decade. If the Lakers win the 5 the average sports fan and some of those idiots on ESPN will think they were the team of the decade. This season is a pretty important one for the Spurs.

Now with that said that takes a look at these two teams over this decade. Together they have one 8 championships and 11 division titles. What these two teams have in common is that both have had all star players lead them to a championships. Lets break down these two teams and see how good they really have been over this past decade.

The Shaq and Kobe era:


This is when Shaq was still the best big man in the game. It also was with a young Kobewho would just jack up shots. During this stretch these two and a nice supporting cast brought the Lakers a three-peat and 3 division titles. They made it to 4 finals out of 5 season and only lost once. They also made NBA history having the best post season ever. They cemented their Dynasty with a sweep over the New Jersey Nets. Once Shaq left it marked the end of this great run the Lakers had and started the rebuilding process for LA.

The Twin Towers Era:


There was a time when David and Tim were the main anchors for the spurs. These two brought the city of San Antonio 2 championships and 4 division titles. They also poised in my opinion the best spurs team ever in 03. The 03 team at the time had the best regular season recorded ever. One important note to was the sweet revenge we got on the Lakers. After David retired it marked the begging of The Big Three in San Antonio.

The Three Amigos:



No one ever could of predicted that Tim,Manu,and Parker would become on the best NBA trio ever. Together this trio has won 3 championships 3 division titles and could of easily had won in 04 and 06 had not a last sec event happen. There was a time when age wasn't factor for us as we relied on The Big Three so much. Then came 07 when we finally showed signs that we were getting to old to compete with the league best. Each one of these guys has been a big reason why the spurs have made it to dynastystatus. I think many sports writer and fans are underrating the Sprus chances of winning the title. It like Rudy said "Don't ever underestimate the heart of a champion!"

The Return of the Lakers:


it is amazing It amazes me how fast the Lakers have come back to contender stat. Slowly but surely the Lakers showed signs of coming back to championship stat. Getting Fisher back and Gasolin a trade are what really helped the Lakers come back to championship talk. This team has accomplished 2 division titles and has gotten the number one seed out in the west 2 consecutive seasons. Then recently have one this year NBA title tying them with the spurs for the 5 title.


Who gets the 5 title:

How the hell am I suppose to know. For all we know these two teams may not even win the title this year. They will definitely be competing for one is for shure. It would be like destiny though to see the Spurs and Lakers in the WCF duking it out to see who gets the chance for the 5 title to forever be know as team of the decade. This season is not only another season it is one that may forever immortalize a team in NBA history.

This is fan-created content on The opinion here is not necessarily shared by the editorial staff at Pounding the Rock.

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