Spurs and Lakers matchup



Well get ready for next season because it looking pretty good so far. Now with RJ and Antonio McyDess and Dejuan Blair. The spurs finally filled out there holes from the SF to C. Now i feel we are ready to dethrone the Lakers with this team we have now. Also Im just guessing this is what the roster rotation is going to be. I put Tim as our Center. Below are the Matchup's Against the Lakers.  This is match up with our current roster and a few of the new guys who I fell Well be in the rotation. Also consider these match up are with their positions I didn't mathcup different positions against each other.

The Starters match up:



PG: Tony Parker vs Derek Fisher-Parker wins this match up. He is to quick and can score at will against Fisher.

SG: Kobe Bryant vs Roger Mason- I have Kobe winning this match up. Roger can score points for us but hopefully he wont be the one guarding Kobe.

SF: Richard Jefferson vs Ron Artest- This math up to me is a tie. While RJ wont score as much he is a good defensive player like Ron is. They are almost equal come scoring.

PF: Pau Gasol vs Antonio McDyess- Pau wins this match up. Although I do believe defensively McyDess can give Pau some trouble.

C: Tim Duncan vs Andrew Bynum- I got Tim winning this. He is a proven and consistent in his game and can handle Bynum in the paint.

The Bench Matchup

Now the bench match up in my mind is a bit closer than you may think. I believe our bench is already better than all of our previous bench's since 2003. I think the new bench is going to better than the Spurs had last time they faced the lakers in the playoffs.


PG: George Hill vs Jordan Farmar- I have George Hill winning this. He can probably lock down on Jordan Farmer and he can score to especially if he get hot from the mid range jumper.

SG: Manu Ginobili vs Sasha Vujacic- Do I even have to say it.

SF: Luke Walton vs Michel Finley- I think Finley wins this one. He a proven vet. Plus if he shoot the three as well as last season he is going to get his points.

PF:  Dejuan Blair vs Lamor Odom-Altough I believe Dejuan Blair has what it takes to compete agaisnt Lamor I have Lamor winning this match up.

C: Matt Bonner vs D.J. Mbenga/Josh Powell- Both of these Lakers C win. Matt Bonner may be able to score against Them but they just are better were it counts on the defensive end.

Overall Analyze:

The Spurs now match up well with the Lakers. Overall I think our team is good enough now to bet the Lakers if we meet in the playoffs next year.The sprus are probably going to have a different rotation than i have but this is just my guess.I think the key to winning the the 5 title lies in within whether Manu can come back to being the all star he was before.I also think the Lakers are actually weaker with Artest. Before you call me crazy let me explain. Ariza was able to guard quicker agile players like Tony. Artest cant he can only deffend SG to SF. This means that Parker is going to be more free than he was before. At times when we played the Lakers Parker had trouble with Ariza on him.Bottom line if the spurs stay healthy they can win a 5 title.

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