Spurs 2010 championship team?

Spurs 2010 Season preview:

The Spurs have probably done some of the most drastic offseason moves in recent memory for many spurs fans. All this could pay off with a 5th NBA championship to our beloved city.The spurs were starting to look old and done as contenders. Then all of sudden Pop and the FO pulled a rabbit out of a hat retooling our team to be back to major championship contenders. I still felt we were contenders as long as the big three were healthy but with the new additions to our team is more athletic and young.  Already our team is much better than last season and hopefully this team can bring us a 5th championship.


The Offseason Moves:

A lot of spurs fans probably couldn't predict what a great offseason we would have. I personally think we had the best offseason in the entire league. Most of the guys we brought in make our team much more athletic than it was in recent years. Here are some of the offseason moves.


Richard Jefferson-This move probably took many of us by surprise. It was sad to see Bowen go but I was happy to see Oberto go - I always felt we could pick up someone better than him. Richard Jefferson isn't that bad of a defensive player and he can score which is something the Spurs needed more of.


Marcus Haislip-He was a draft bust and never proved to be a quality player in this league. Mainly due to the coaching staff plus that the Bucks and Pacers may have given up on him to soon. He proved to be a good player overseas and was ranked #3 overseas free agent available by draft express. I feel he may have a chance to be a rotation player for the spurs if he can show that he can now play in this league.


Dejuan Blair-This guy was a gift from god, basically. He fell to us from a lottery pick to a second round draft pick. Most teams were concerned about him because of his knee, although I have a feeling they will be regretting their decision after this season. He is most likely going to be in the rotation and proved he can get rebounds against taller players in the summer league.


Antonio McDyess-McDyess is probably the best thing we can get Duncan. He can get rebound and is a good defender. He also has a very good midrange jumper something that many of our past big man beside Duncan have really had. He is going to be a great addition to the spurs and always brings his heart and he hustle a lot to.


SPURS 2010 Starting Lineup:

While I can't predict what the spurs rotation for next season is going to be, I can try to guess. I'm not quite sure what position Haislip is. I heard he is like a SF kinda, if you have more information on him tell me. I put Manu Coming off the bench which is what I fell would be best for Spurs.


C:Tim Duncan

PF:Antonio McDyess

SF:Richard Jefferson

SG:Roger Mason

PG:Tony Parker


C:Ian Mahinmi/ Matt Bonner

PF:Dejuan Blair/ Marcus Haislip

SF:Michel Finley/ Malik Hairston

SG:Manu Ginobili

PG:George Hill/ Marcus Willams


Spurs 2010 team overall analysis:

This team is much more athletic and younger, as I said earlier. It probably is the most talented too. I believe this team can be the best defensive team in the league this upcoming season too. Last year we failed to be a great defensive team because of team 2nd chance points they were getting because of our rebounding problem. A big reason to that probably was because Matt Bonner was our starting Center. I really hope Ian turns out to be a legit Center and a good defensive one who doesn't foul as much who can replace Bonner. Overall with all these new guys coming in to help Duncan with rebounding I don't think it will be much off a problem for the spurs. As long as our team stay healthy we can win a 5th championship.

This is fan-created content on The opinion here is not necessarily shared by the editorial staff at Pounding the Rock.

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