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Hey everyone, I just wanted to introduce myself to the PtR/sports blogging/somewhat productive network.  I reside in San Antonio, ergo my infatuation with Spurs basketball goes without saying.  I consider myself pretty well-educated when it comes to both the lost art that is grammatical accuracy as well as the world of sports-- in other words, I often find myself planted at home constantly refreshing various sports sites while allowing SportsCenter to continuously drone on in hope to find that one bit of "Breaking News" tickering across the bottom of the screen.  Surely, I am not alone in partaking in such beautifully captivating yet seemingly unproductive activity and furthermore, I hope to actually fit in with others who can relate.  

To be honest, I've been visiting PtR rather religiously, as I: 

a) have no life and therefore nothing better to do

b) am surprised by the overall high basketball IQ in the PtR community 

I enjoy the ability to share opinions on the various subjects.  It's becoming more and more apparent to me that by interacting with others, many of your viewpoints that at one time seemed so concrete and adamant suddenly become questionable (and most importantly, thought-provoking).  The setting that the community of PtR provides is one to admire, and I look forward to the opportunity to probe each other's minds (no homo) and by doing so become more well-rounded fans.  A few more things about me and my sports-fanage:

  • Although biased, I by no means am one of the so-called "fans" that believe their team is the best in the NBA, no matter what happens to them.  I have no problem realizing and admitting to my team's flaws--or lack thereof (just kidding...kinda).  Look, I know what it's like to be passionate about a team. BUT, for all of the people that think the Grizzlies are the best team on the face of the earth, WAKE UP! Just because something has "potential to be great" doesn't mean it's going to turn out all sparkley-- just ask Eifel 65, Anna Nicole Smith,  Jimmy Carter, and Sebastian Telfair.  If you're a true fan, you realize your team's weaknesses.
  • I give credit where credit is due, and respectfully ask for the same.

I realize the point of this blog is intended for Spurs talk, so without further adieu, here's my take on where the Spurs stand right now:

After years of not being fazed by eventless summers, we Spurs fans are rather abruptly waking up from the glorious dream that was the health and content with the Big 3.  Don't get me wrong, I still believe Tim, Manu, and TP remain the best and, when clicking and healthy, the most unguardable trio of players in the NBA.  Nonetheless, we have entered a new era of Spursdom.  Simply put, our team wasn't good enough to just sit here and remain unchanged--other than a few 2nd round draft picks (and let's be honest, none of us expected DeJuan Blair to slip that far, let alone us take someone with a pronounceable, American name with our first pick).  Ironically enough,  the Spurs were the catalyst of the recent whirlwind that we refer to as "NBA Summer '09".  We made relatively drastic changes while still keeping the same nucleus.  The Spurs were in the spotlight until Vince Carter went to the Magic, and suddenly the attention left as soon as it came (that's what she said).  We have been lucky enough to be witnesses to 4 championships and one could almost debate each of them being Pop's best coaching job.  To me, this team may be his toughest coaching challenge yet.  Is it? Too early to say, but I will say this: I trust Pop motivating this new Spurs team more than I trust Phil Jackson motivating his new Laker team (need I drop names?).  When push comes to shove, this could very well be the best Spurs team ever.  And I'll take that superlative, especially considering those 4 banners hanging from the AT&T Center.  No matter what, the WCF will be as difficult as they always are and I don't think any of us can say for sure who will be where at that time, but we have to at least agree on this: i like our chances.


That's all for today, please let me know what you think and provide feedback. Glad to be here.

This is fan-created content on The opinion here is not necessarily shared by the editorial staff at Pounding the Rock.

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