The thread before the game thread

I'm sure one of our PtR ballers is working on a kick ass game thread for tomorrow, that includes great photo shopped images with funny captions, useful articles and time devouring links, such as the one LatinD posted where you're stuck in a goddamn room with four walls, a briefcase and a chair bolted to the floor. I will never get those 10 hours back. "Oh you'll feel great when you finally get out of the room"... MY ASS! And don't even get me started on how much time I've spent on here. LD has a very informative section on how to better know a cheerleader. It's a must read for all perverts. Keep up the great work.  

I'm pretty geeked up for tomorrow night's game. I have a great feeling about this one, especially with Timmeh getting an extra day of rest. Is it just me or does he look more spry and nimble than a few weeks ago? I was under the impression that his condition wasn't going to get better. So how geeked out am I for this game? Well I put this little chump to shame. (Get that weak ass N64 out of here son, we're talking about Spurs basketball!) For one, I'm going to be there, but you already knew that. As SiMA pointed out, I will be BALL'N in up big timer style from the 300's. I honestly just wanted to make it rain from way up high. True story. Hammer's gonna be there too. Anyone else?

Now after Ericka's recent bigfail comment on Tony Parker, I'm ready for a rumble at the AAC. Seriously, let's get it CRACK'N! Now I have to admit, I feel bad for Damp a little bit. How would you feel if you proclaimed yourself as the 2nd best at something and then everyone in your profession laughed at you? You'd probably feel like you had something to prove. Cuz after all, you are...THE Erick Dampier 


"Bitch you may get this bucket, but you ain't gettin this rebound!"

Seriously, I haven't seen a bigger pwning since . . . hmmm. . . come to think of it, about a week ago when SiMA took my ass to task.  I mean, I'm not even mad. . . I just know how this feels now. . .



I feel for you Damon. - CMoney

Don't worry Damp. We know why you have all that pent up anger and frustration. It's not your fault you went undrafted and you're constantly looked at as a joke across the Association. A man like you deserves RESPECT! You show Tony what's up and impose your slight (7 inches, 85 lbs) body size advantage. Like I said before, LET'S GET THIS SHIT CRACK'N! And no worries about the recent bigfail moment. We've all had them. Like the first piece I ever directed and shot for my Intro to Film class in college. BIGFAIL moment in 3. . . 2 . . . 1. . .  And let's be completely honest with ourselves, it could have been a lot worse, at least we're not Chase Sampson.

For tomorrow's game, I think Lauri's bigfail pic says it all: "There Will Definitely Be Blood . . . Maybe"

So I did some investigative sloothing around and found out where Pop and his coaches are eating dinner tonight here in Dallas. And by sloothing I mean, my cousin who is a waiter at a fine dining restaurant called me and told me that Pop was on the books for Wednesday night. So I made my cousin (who's a Mavs fan) request that he wait on Pop and our coaches. I love the symbolism. He also has in his possession my mint condition 2007 NBA Championship cap and a black sharpie in an effort to have Pop sign it for me. . .  after their meal of course. Again, I love the symbolism. I'll keep you guys posted.

Anyone and everyone feel free to chat it up here about tomorrow's game. You geek'n like me? Let's fucking do this!


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