Manu answers fan's questions

Manu answered some questions at his website.  You can see the original answers here:

Manu answers questions

Some of the questions are translated after the jump...

How do you feel after the shock of the news of the injury?  How is the rehabilitation going to be?

Now I am calmer.  At the start it was complicated, but as time passed I was able to digest it better. The rehabilitation is not complex because there is plenty of time and it is only a matter of waiting for the bone to heal.

Did you have medical check ups before and after every game since you came back from the micro-fracture?  It seems curious to those of us who don't know, that you should have felt some discomfort even before the Cleveland game.  Nobody recommended that you sit down for a few more games before restarting intense practice?

After every game I felt very good.  Only before the Cleveland game did I feel something different in the leg and discomfort that would not go away.  That's when I realized that something was not right, but I never thought that I had re-aggravated it.

In the last few days there has been a lot of talk about you continuing to play with Team Argentina.  What is your opinion in this regard?  Your brother mentioned in a note that he would not be surprised if San Antonio adds a clause to your contract to forbid you from playing for the national team.  Can this happen?

I have no clue what I am doing in the near future.  What I am sure of is that if I want to play for many more years, I will have to take even better care of my body.

IMPORTANT CLARIFICATION:  It is not possible to place a clause in NBA contracts to forbid players from playing for their national teams, it is simply not legal, and thus my brother was confused or misinterpreted.  One of the two.

Are you going to attend the rest of the Spurs games?  What are you doing with your extra free time?

Of course I will go to the games.  Im part of the team and even though I'm not going to be playing I will be there cheering them on.  With the free time I will start lifting weights and swimming.  I will also dedicate some time to my girl (LasEspuelas addition: wife?) who during the season has traveled a lot.  I also started playing the Wii.

What part of your game would you like to improve?

Keep improving my mid-range game.  This is what is going to benefit me the most in a few years.  I also need to get back to last year's physical conditioning.  It is an important part of the game as well.

Now that you got hurt... Have you though about retiring now or in a year? Dedicate yourself to other things like family, friends, etc...?  You have done great things already and you would be in your right to do this.  Don't you have a desired to travel, see friends or places that you miss? Like traveling to Bologne to remember old times or to the Rioja to visit Sepo or see a long time friend and eat an "asadito" without guilt? Or simply travel alone with your wife and enjoy some time in the Bay, far from the camera flashes and the "heavy" fans like me? Jaja (haha)

Jeje.  Yes I would like to do all that, but there will be plenty of time for it.  I do it for 2 months in the offseason and then I come back to do what I like to do best, which is to play basketball.  Remember that basketball careers last until the 35, 36, 37 years of age or something like that.  After that I will have 40 years to do whatever I want, like traveling, eating, visiting, etc...

Manu, whenever I ask about your future you answer that you would love to retire in San Antonio, but at the same time, you answer that the NBA is business.  My question is regarding the contracts because you mentioned that if an agreement is not reached by June you would be a free agent.  How does that work? If SA proposes something and you are not convinced can you pass and be a free agent? And play for another team?

I would become a free agent in July of 2010.  And yes, if they don't renew my contract before that date I could go wherever I want or wherever they want me more, including the possibility of returning to San Antonio.  My idea is still the same though.  To stay in SA.

What do you know about the Spurs right now?  I mean, is there a card under Pop's sleeve to fight for the championship this year? Or most of the Spurs personnel are thinking about next season?

Its looking like we will get #50 Robinson and #32 Elliot back on the court, but don't say anything... lets keep it quiet!

...Are the Spurs the common denominator of the NBA in your opinion or are they actually an exception to the rule?  They look like a FIBA team on and off the court, where it does not matter who the star is.

We are an exception.  I was very lucky to "land" in this organization and for this reason I would prefer not to leave.

Do you think the SA press recognizes Duncan much more than necessary?  I notice that in your regard for example... they are hard if you make mistakes... on the other hand Duncan makes mistakes and nobody says a thing, jajaj.

I don't read the SA press or any other press for that matter.  So on this matter you know better than me.  One must recognize that Tim is possibly the best PF in history, 2 MVPS, 2 finals MVPs and 12 all-star appearances... I think he deserves all that recognition, right?  If they are really like you describe, I think its great, I wish that in our country we were more grateful with those who gave us so much.

If the Spurs make it far into the Playoffs (I doubt they will)... Would you be able to play this season? Is there even a remote chance?

I was told I'm OUT, if I don't train with the team and I'm out of shape it is almost impossible.  But I never say its completely impossible... I think that if we make it to the finals I will play even without my fibula.

How do you see the chances of the Spurs and of them reaching the Finals?

It is going to be very complicated.  I don't believe we are favorites, but you have to believe.  A struck of luck can always happen. (Emphasis added)


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