San Antonio Spurs @ New Orleans Hornets - Hack Game Thread #73

Well, Spurs fans - we have an almost important game today against an almost division rival. I kid, of course - Charlotte New Orleans Oklahoma City New Orleans took us to the brink of elimination last year before we decided to actually show up for a road game. However, they're dealing with injuries to 2 of their starters. It's hard to take them very seriously at the moment, but let's hope the Spurs do, or it will be a long evening for the Silver and Black.

Even though the great and powerful Manu is back now, Fab is out. I think I speak for all of us when I say I hope he gets better soon - heart conditions are nothing to mess with. In the meantime, we'll need some extra Argentine mojo for this one. I just found out my new upstairs neighbor owns a Dogo, so there's that... but I think we still need more.



(Even the titles of Argentine biographies are in all CAPS.)

Also, it just wouldn't be PtR without at least some Tony-bashing. The wee Frenchman has been great for us this year, but that won't spare him some ribbing. It's tradition, and if we stop now, we risk ruining the mojo. Follow me after the jump for a craptacular preview, and the aforementioned Tony-bashing.

Game Time: 7:00 Spurs Time, 9:00 pm Argentina
3:00 am Palestine,Egypt, 2:00 am CET
8:00 am Perth, Japan, 8:00 am Philippines
10:00 am Guam
8:00EDT, 6:00 MDT, 5:00PDT/Arizona

Officials: E. Rush
M. Boland
D. Jones

Tim Duncan
Michael Finley



Nice Smile



images via
26-11 Home 26-11
22-13 Road 18-16
97.0 Offense 95.8
93.0 Defense 93.5
46.6 FG% 45.6
39.2 3-pt% 36.8
76.5 FT% 81.1
41.0 Rebounds 39.9
11.8 TO's 12.8
6-4 Last 10 5-5
Won 3 Streak Lost 2


  • Point Guard - Tony is arguably playing better than any PG in the league right now, except one. We need him to continue to be good enough to offset Paul's dirty tactics... I mean, his excellent play.[nice D, Tony]
  • Off Guard - Roger is playing well of late, and is contributing more than just his shooting abilities. Rasual Butler is... a serviceable SG. We also have this one guy that comes off the bench, who I hear is a pretty good player.
  • Center - Without Chandler, the NOOCH has nobody to finish Paul's 'oops. And more importantly, nobody to make life difficult for Timmeh inside.
  • Power Forward - Matt has been really helpful to us this year, on offense. Defense, not as much. West is going to destroy him if he gets it in the post.
  • Small Forward - Both teams have a small forward - or, so I've heard.
  • Bench - Does the NOOCH have Manu? No. In fact, their bench is depleted due to Armstrong and Wright moving to the starting lineup.
  • Coach - Byron knows how to get his players motivated, but they don't seem to like him very much. Pop is a great coach, but uses Roger Mason at Point Guard. Nobody gets credit here.
  • Intangibles - It's my birthday. And my [real] name is Tim - Duncan must dominate.
  • Mojo - We finally have the big 3 healthy.
  • Winner - Spurs by 5-10. Close, but not nailbiter close.

Keys To The Game

  • George Hill - I think Pop will let him get a taste of defending CP3. After all, if we have anyone who can frustrate him, it's Cubits - what school is he from again? And please stop the Mason-at-backup-PG experiment, Pop. Nobody likes it, except maybe Phil Jackson.
  • West - Can Matt play anything resembling defense on this guy? Or does Pop use Kurt/Gooden instead?
  • 3-Point Shooting - We need to hover around our 40% average to keep a comfortable lead.

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Recap: I'm guessing Stampler drops one. Or not. Anyone else should feel free to try it.

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