After the Spurs went on a 5 game winning streak and all was right with the world, they have since dropped 2 games in a row and have not looked particularly good in doing so.  This leads me to wonder, "What is going on with all this crappy play and very un-Spurs like basketball?"  Having had the weekend to wonder and think about it I've come up with a theory or two.



How are the Spurs losing with fans like these?


When these Spurs were winning five games in a row, they were playing regularly.  5 games in eight days and 5 wins.  Then the Spurs are off for 5 days and come out extremely sloppy in the next two games.  The Celtics and the Nuggets took advantage of turnovers and poor offense. 


Theory 1

This Spurs team needs to gel.  Therefore when they play games regularly they will mesh more and be more effective.  When having almost a week off there will be more rust than with teams that have been together for many years.  Look for the Spurs to play well despite a couple of SEGABABAs in the month of December.

December Opponent Time Local TV Nat TV Radio
 Mon 07  @ Utah    8:00pm  My35 HD    WOAI-AM 1200
 Wed 09  vs Sacramento  7:30pm  FSNSW    WOAI-AM 1200
 Fri 11  vs Charlotte  7:30pm  FSNSW    WOAI-AM 1200
 Sun 13  @ LA Clippers    8:30pm  FSNSW    WOAI-AM 1200
 Tue 15  @ Phoenix    8:00pm  FSNSW    WOAI-AM 1200
 Wed 16  @ Golden State    9:30pm  FSNSW    WOAI-AM 1200
 Sat 19  vs Indiana  7:30pm  My35 HD    WOAI-AM 1200
 Mon 21  vs LA Clippers  7:30pm  FSNSW    WOAI-AM 1200
 Wed 23  vs Portland  7:30pm  My35 HD    WOAI-AM 1200
 Sat 26  @ Milwaukee    7:30pm  FSNSW    WOAI-AM 1200
 Sun 27  @ New York    5:00pm  FSNSW    WOAI-AM 1200
 Tue 29  vs Minnesota  7:30pm  FSNSW    WOAI-AM 1200
 Thu 31  vs Miami  6:00pm      WOAI-AM 1200


Who comes up with these schedules?! 

Theory 2

Pop is trying to figure out who to start, who to play and who to finish.  The Boston game was crazy.  The bench played more than the starters and Manu didn't play late in the 4th.  Once this team gets a good rotation down it will help with the continuity of the team.  Knowing your roll makes it easier for you to accomplish what you set out to do, like win.  Look for this team to improve when Pop gets a rotation set.



Maybe it's time for the beard to make a comeback...


The Answer

All in all I like where the team is headed.  The defense is getting better, the rebounding is improving and if they can get the recent free-throw and turnover woes in check this team will look a lot better.  Don't forget, this team was 12-12 at this time last year, with similar injuries and much more team chemistry to rely on.

Two years ago the Spurs started off hot only to struggle later in the year.  This team is more athletic and younger, but mostly they are just new.  This team has a great foundation and just needs to square away a few things.  I look forward to a nice December and an even better 2nd half of the season.  It's early and way to soon to lose faith.



Sometimes we just need a hug...or a slap on the butt

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