Ho Ho Ho!!!1!!

I know we're all a little bummed out from the last game, but let us remember than on the 25th of December, Santa Claus made an epic journey to Jerusalem in order to save baby Jesus from Krampus and it's this act of heroism the reason we celebrate Christmas!

Join me after the jump, where I'll have nothing interesting to say except that I always wanted to write "join me after the jump".


I had a friend that when told by his parents that Santa Claus didn't exist ( just kidding kids, he exists and you can be anything you want, socioeconomical factors play no role at all), he became very upset. He felt his trust has been violated, he felt like a complete idiot for believing for all those years, and he wondered what other things were being kept from him, he even wondered if there weren't other massive conspiracies which adults were part of. This episode sparked an intense skepticism of everything and may have even led him to become an atheist.

But enough about me, this time of the year is all about the family. Whether you have stupid foreign traditions, or celebrate Christmas during the summer instead of the winter like you should, or whether you have a quintessentially American Christmas , it's all about being with your loved ones, no matter how much you despise the idea, and of remembering that years from now, when you're old and your children have you put in a retirement home because you have become too much of a burden, it's not the touching family moments that you will remember, but the awesome gifts you got. Also if you're spending Christmas alone you might as well off yourself.

No matter if you celebrate Christmas or Hanukkah or Kwanzaa or some pagan festival or are a terrorist, feel free to use the comment section to wish your fellow PTR-ers merry Christmas or FSMas or whatever, and let's be sure to spread the holiday cheer around.

If you feel a little self conscious, I'll get the ball rolling with this cartoon:


Merry Christmas motherfuckers!

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