List of Songs that Summarize my Feelings of the Portland Game


Two reasons I'm doing this:

1. I'm bored with my Raiders and my Vikings both not playing today.


2. Because I love spreading my musical wonderment on here.



So without further ado, my soundtrack to the Portland game:


Spirit Crusher by Death

Reason why: This game crushed my spirit. I didn't expect a win, but I also didn't expect to lose by that vast a margin.



Heartbreaker by Pat Benatar


Reason why: Seems pretty obvious. The game broke my heart. Plus I'll use any excuse to listen to Pat's magical voice.


That's Life by Frank Sinatra


Reason why: The Spurs kept picking themselves up to get back in the race. But when nothing was shaking, they rolled up in a big ball and died. (that goes with the lyrics to the song)


Scream by Misfits


Reason why: Cause I needed a song to rock out my frustrations to. What better than the greatest punk rock band ever?


Pretty Fly for a White Guy by The Offspring


Reason why: I needed a good laugh, this song definitely delivers.


Home Sweet Home by Motley Crue


Reason why: Because the Spurs return to home sweet homecourt for three games, where hopefully we can get our swagger back with Parker out.


We're Gonna Miss you Carla by Scrubs


Reason why: Cause this summarizes my feelings towards Parker being absent. Just replace Carla with Parker and long year with a week. Every other lyric is perfect though.


I'm Dominican by Scrubs


Reason why: Reminds me of this big back-and-forth I had with a friend during the game who insisted Manu Ginobili was Spanish. I said the words "for the last time he's Argentinian" in the exact same way Carla says "for the last time I'm Dominican" and my friends and I started laughing at that.


Guy Love by Scrubs


Reason why: Explains my man crush on Manu. Plus I now have Scrubs on the brain.



Okay, I think that's enough epic music for one day. I leave you with a pic that depicts what our defense needs to do to the Raptors tomorrow.





Think of it as an overly buff Manu......with a very well defined and surprisingly rugged 5 o' clock shadow.

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