Special Thank You to San Antonio SPURS Owners

So, we had this idea. Regardless of what your feelings are on the season thus far, it’s something we need to do as loyal SPURS fans and it’s overdue.

It's time we thanked Peter Holt and his group for their commitment to winning and to producing an exceptional product. They really came through for us as fans this year, and we at least owe them that acknowledgment. Many other owners would either overspend blindly in an attempt to stack a team (ahem, Mr. SEC, ahem), or simply not do anything at all. We are so blessed to have an ownership group committed to winning and doing it wisely, and after the work they did this offseason we need to acknowledge it.

I've been a SPURS fan all my life. I remember the days of Gervin, the Hemisfair, the Bums, fuscia, the Memorial Day Miracle, the Rodman experiment, and now the Duncan era. I've grown accustomed throughout my fanhood in realizing that we are a small-market team, and not in the popular habit of spending to win. While other clubs throughout sports simply operate on a strategy of buying trophies or banners, I have grown used to the fact that we're likely not going to open up the purses and do everything it takes to get us closer. Win or lose, we have always been able to hang our hats on the pride that comes from having discipline, and I've come to anticipate and respect that fiscal choice.

But this past offseason, we all realized that more was needed. With the current volatile economic climate we're in coupled with the realization that we're typically not in the habit of big spending, we faced a pickle: it became clear that we absolutely HAD to spend money that we weren't accustomed to spending to give us a better shot at being competitive. If not even for any other reason than to honor the career of the game's best ever power forward. There wasn't a need to completely revamp, just a need to add pieces that would require financial sacrifices and choices not previously endorsed by the organization. Quite simply, we got to a point in which we needed to do whatever it took fiscally to remain viable.

In the past, we've typically relied on higher unknown draft picks or foreign prospects to fill in the gaps. But this year, more was required. And in times past, we likely would have stood strong and hoped for the best. Each one of us hoped that the ownership group would abandon past patterns and step up to provide the missing pieces needed, and surprisingly the ownership group came through in overwhelming ways. For the first time in many years, the San Antonio Spurs were over the cap in an attempt to remain one of the best teams in basketball… as a small market team, with a relatively small media footprint.

Can ANY of you name another time this has happened, or another team that is willing to wisely do the same for it's fans and in pursuit of winning? We all asked for this for years, and the owners stepped up this year in ways beyond what we could have hoped for. It's time we collectively reached out and thanked them for that. The SPURS have maintained a decade plus of being the winningest team in all pro sports, and have done that on a lesser budget and without the resources of other larger-market teams.

Now here's the ground rules:

1. This is not a place to get on a soapbox or express your brilliant NBA commentary. Nobody cares about that in this format, and Wayne will quickly and quietly delete your comments if that occurs. Don't waste yours or his time.

2. Don't be negative in any way. I know it's oppressive and sad, but this isn't a democracy; it's a personal post on a sports website. If you have negative, sarcastic or backhanded things to say, become a suns fan. This post is for acknowledging and thanking Mr. Holt and the other owners and if you don't feel you can, move along.

3. Be professional. This is going to likely be presented to the ownership group of the SPURS, and we don't need you dumbing down PtR or revealing that we're all secretly idiots.

4. Keep it concise. I'm guessing that Mr. Holt and associates have fairly busy schedules, and reading many 200+ word comments (though they're positive) will be difficult. Keep it brief and get to the point. If your comment is exactly like someone else's, it's okay.

5. Use your first name and location as a close to your comment. Nothing says computer nerd surfing the net in his parents' basement like a tagline of "Sincerely, bsktballwizardofTX82."

6. This is to be a THANK-YOU post only, if you don't agree or don't like it, don't comment. This is not a place to make your GM suggestions or analyze anything, it's only a place to quickly express thanks and acknowledgment to the best owners in the game, and sign your name. We're gonna be lucky to have Mr. Holt actually make time to read this anyway, and we certainly don't need to appear to be morons when he does.

7. This post is likely going to be cut and put into a Word doc for presentation, so it might even help if you remove your tagline (if you have one) before commenting. I know that's a lot to ask, but Wayne's already got enough to do.

Thanks all, and GO SPURS GO.

This is fan-created content on The opinion here is not necessarily shared by the editorial staff at Pounding the Rock.

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