The Road to the Championship Starts Febuary 3


Defense first priority offense 2 priority:

As we start the season, the Spurs are 2-1. Obviously our offensive game has increased with players like McDyess, Jefferson, and an improved Hill, not to mention a healthy Manu.  I could go on about how our offense has improved, but what I'm considerd about is the defense. Right now I think we are making great progress with defense, when you consider the amount of new players we have and that everybody is trying to develop chemistry. They are not great on defense, but they are not horrible either. No team has scored more than 96 on us, so we are in good shape right now.  The Spurs next games are going to be back to back against Utah then Portland. We will need great defense to beat those teams. Then we will need to be just as good come February 3.

Why February the 3rd?

Normally the 2nd half and the start of the rodeo road trip is when the spurs make their push. Over the past 5 seasons, the spurs have gone 116-53 in the 2nd half of the season. Something else that might get your attention is that we probably have the hardest 2nd half schedule of any team in the NBA. We will have only 12 home games and 24 road games. These road games can be a blessing in disguise.  Any one can win at home, but the road is where real men win. Look at every NBA champion, and they all have something in common: they could win on the road when it mattered most. Then look at every NBA dynasty, and they had a good defensive minded team. Put defense and road wins together in your game, and then you have a very good team.

Who will we be playing?

Those of you who are thinking it is going to be just an easy cake walk in the 2nd half have another thing coming. The teams we are going up against will not go away so easily. We will be going up against 20 possible playoff teams, some which I pick to make the playoffs. Then we will be playing 16 teams that will most likely not make the playoffs. Then you got the 8 title contenders in the 20 playoff teams which consist of the Lakers,Cavs,Magic and Celtics. This can be very good or very bad for the spurs. All in all, this will be a real test for the silver and black.

How will it all play out:

The Spurs can't expect to keep scoring 100 every game at home this season. It will be very important to develop team chemistry and Defense before the playoffs. Those games are the perfect opportunity to develop all of that. By the time the all star break is over, the Spurs will probably have their rotation set.  I am expecting the Spurs to frustrate us, and have a lot of miscommunication on plays till about 25 too 35 games into the season.  Right now we are allowing opponents 94 ppg and 45.34FGP. The spurs have shown stints like in the 2 and 4 quarter against Chicago or were they kept the Horents scoreless for quit a while. I really do believe this team, when it comes together, will be a real force to be reckoned with. All of that waiting could pay off come June if the men in black are back in the finals once again.

This is fan-created content on The opinion here is not necessarily shared by the editorial staff at Pounding the Rock.

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