Without question, more than any other Spur, the most important player on the roster is Tim Duncan. It is upon his shoulders that our championship hopes rests upon. He is consumate franchise player. The foundation of San Antonio Spurs is no other than the Big Fundamental. What happens if there fundamental issues?

It is why considering Timmy's imminent retirement and health condition, the Spurs front office went all-in by going over the luxury tax just to get the pieces they deemed necessary to contend for the title. And if there is anyone with doubts on how valuable he is, one just have to push the playback on the 2000 play-offs against the Suns when they were ousted coz of Tim Knees.

So it is with concern we received the news that the injury bug first Parker then Duncan (allegedly Manu also but that's another story). In the case of the former, Hill ably played the back-up role with Manu sharing play-making duties. But in the case of Duncan, we will are hard-pressed to find someone who can fill his out-sized rubbers. (Can anybody in the NBA compare?) Still, all is not lost for this is where that our recent additions come into play.

Foremost among them is Blair. The rookie prodigy that has shown amazing talent especially on the boards. Like a thouroughbred horse, he was given a handicap to more or less level the playing field. Then we have the steady McDyess, an easy double double night and night out and finally Ratliff d human eraser who will gain more playing time.

Also waiting on the bench are quality players in Hairston & Haislip, the MH twins. Depending on the match-ups they have much to gain in showcasing their ability if they ever crack the rotation. With these fresh talents, we maybe able to witness the renaissance of our offense and maybe rid off the boring tag for good.

Another welcome news for old Spur followers like someone we know (he who must not be named) is that these talents are so eager to prove themselves that we can expect the hustle plays and great effort in defense to make up for the shortfall from Tim's absence. (Was also mentioned in the editorial about Parker, at the time of writing I have not seen the Mavs game)

All the credit goes to the FO that forsaw this and adequately prepared for the future. Though initially Timmy's injury hurts the team but in the long run it will serve its interest in the development of the bench talents consequently making us more formidable and better prepared for the great battles ahead.

And if this brief episode brings a bonanza of dividends then could it be such a stretch that TD can come off the bench at least until post-season nears or for non-crucial match-ups? A franchise player as a bench player? Once again, the old boring Spurs might set a trend here. Now, who would have thought?

Where else but in San Antone.

This is fan-created content on The opinion here is not necessarily shared by the editorial staff at Pounding the Rock.

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