Bella's quirky musings... allas version




Mr. Ginobili has asked Bella to accept all apologies from the nitwits that failed to worship at his altar prior to the Toronto game.  Please schedule your acts of contrition with Ms. Bella's people and she'll absolve you when and if she has time.  





* I walk into the AT&T Center and the first thing I notice WTF?!... the trophies are missing?  What?  Why? Doesn't the Spurs organization realize the enormous psychological damage those shiny, round domes impart on the souls of Mavs fans?  (Shiny, round dome... hmmm... reminds me of something... it'll come to me... give me a minute).  ;-)  Anyway, those suckers better be back before the next game or heads (oooh... a hint) will roll.


* A couple of lovely moments of recognition for our veterans.  Including the half time military jazz band, an injured soldier recovering at BAMC and a group of really adorable soldiers walking onto the court and being serenaded by the huge standing ovation of the appreciative crowd. 


*  Our own retired favorite player and former naval officer being show on the big screen.  Thunderous applause and Mr. Robinson looks up to see why the crowd is cheering.  It takes a second and then the recognition... it's for me.  Big huge, beautiful smile and a friendly wave of acknowledgement to the crowd.  I still love this man.


* There are way too many allas and Laker fans that attend games in San Antonio.  Thank goodness the Mavs never really gave their followers anything substantial to cheer for, because there was a considerable contingency from pretentious land.  (Yes, I'm looking at you, Mr. Cuban).


* Holy cow... did we really rediscover our Defense?  Little ol' us?  Momentary lapse or the beginning of a beautiful relationship?  Who knows, but I can't wait to view the next chapter. 


* Manu was wearing some sort of black strap under his jersey... apparently it was irritating him and he threw it to the bench.  Any clue what that might be?  Do you think it had a rose in the front of it? 


* Crappy-Doo step aside, we have a new best flopper acting nominee.... may I present Mr. Jason "I've fallen and I can't get up" Terry.  Truly, I have not seen a more over the top performance since the poopy-doo 360 in the 2006 playoffs.  I laughed, I cried (from laughing),  Mr. Fallen... that was pure genius. 


* When playing the mavericks, there is nothing better than watching Dirk Nowitzki get discombobulated.  His frustration was palpable and with each possesion he grew more and more agitated.  The whole allas team started heading to the locker rooms as soon as Manu held the ball for the last possession.  Love to see that.


* Holy cow, the old get off my lawn Pop is back!  Dayum, he was chewing on everybody and calling plays and coaching and stuff.  Who thought the wino still had it in him?  Me... that's who!  I love this man.



"You don't need those forearms, do you Dirk?" 



*  How much do we love McDyess' enforcerer attitude in the game?  I can't remember the last time I saw a veteran player who's physically intimidating as well as being a smart, savvy player.  (savvy in a good way).  Love him.


*  Tony honey, just a little advice... when the camera is on you and you're appearing on the big screen in front of the home crowd, a little tiny bit of an acknowledgement to the loyal followers would be appropriate.  Okay?  Good... did the wife not teach you anything?  Cheese Whiz.   Oooops, sorry.  That was supposed to say Bless your heart.


*  The coyote was dressed as a huge brown bat.  People with large nets were awaiting him on the sidelines.  He started to back off when he came into Manu's view.  Manu had to turn away, but you could see he was laughing.  It was a pretty funny bit. However, not funny was the timing of the stunt... it was immediately before a critical point in the game.  Seriously.... could you ummm work on your time... ummm... timi.... Timing.  kthxs.  

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