PtR QuickCap: Spurs Discover Long-Lost Art of Defense, Stifle Mavs in 92-83 Win

Now that's more like the Spurs I know and love. Scoring 131 points is fun, but pushing Dirk and the Princess Ponies around for 4 quarters is just MORE fun.


From the left: Dirk, Jason Terry, and Ericka Dampier

Once again we were without Tim Duncan and Tony Parker. Against a completely offensive-minded team like Dallas this game threatened to reach the 120's again or at least the 100's. Au contraire mi amigos (and amigas). The Spurs came out of the gate forcing the Mavs into tough shots, many of which clanked off the rim, music to my ears. Dallas ended up shooting something like 28% for the first quarter but tied it up anyway because of second chances.

Bogans was the big story of the first half. The guy was doing EVERYTHING. He hit 3 of his first 4 3's, played stellar defense (including some on Dirk where he just outmuscled him), got to the rim, found open teammates, got easy buckets. I mean we are paying this guy the veteran minimum. He was awesome, which is fortunate because Mace was ice coooooold(which we all know is cooler than bein' cool).


No shot Rog

Spurs kept the defense in the 2nd quarter and ended up with a 13-point lead at the half. Manu hit some 3's that really helped to stretch the lead out and let us coast through the 3rd quarter, granted still with good D. Rebounding (which has been a problem lately) was even at 47 in the game with each team having about the same split between offensive and defensive. Mcdyess (9) and Bonner (a SURPRISING 9) helped us the most in that regard but Cubits and Rage each had an impressive 7 caroms (can someone explain how that means rebound?).

The most impressive play of the game HAD to be RJs MONSTER JAM in the third between 2 guys. This is why we traded for him. Sure I'm glad he fit in and he's "A SPUR" and all but mostly I just want to see other teams choke on the ball as he stuffs it down their throats. GOD BLESS AMERICA. Wow... ok. Moving on.

The Spurs sputtered in the 4th, scoring only 4 points in the first 8 minutes but I knew we only need 90 to win with the way we were playing defense. There were alot of missed jump shots and no penetration but finally Red Rocket dug us out of a jam with a timely 3. We survived all their runs with runs of our own. They hit and we countered. We won.


Manu Ginobili - A silent 13 points, 5 assists, 4 boards, and a steal but I would regret not putting him in here because first of all everyone here loves him so much (myself included) but also because ultimately he is the focus of the Mavs defense (or lack thereof) while he is on the floor and he creates so much for everyone else. He should have had 3 or 4 more assists but others couldn't finish. This is what I think he will do most games this year. A renaissance man.



Keith Bogans - 13 points, 2 assists, 3 rebounds, GREAT defense, and one MONSTER block ("Get that chit outta here!!"). This guy gave us way more than we expected and I am so glad the FO was smart enough to sign him.

Richard Jefferson - 29 points, 7 boards, 4 assists, 3 steals, and one MONSTER JAM (Wish I could find a clip of it). He was all over the place tonight and is really coming into his own. He's not afraid to drive to the basket and get contact, putting him on the line (where he left 5 points). I love the hustle on defense and offense that he's bringing. Great game Rage.

Honorable mention: Matt Bonner- 9 rebounds, decent defense on Dirk, and heads up play all night.

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