NBA ROY front-runner

It may come as a pleasant surprise-


This is my poor man BlaseE version of a comparison between Blake Griffin (G), the top contender for the ROY and our very own DeJuam Blair (B).Culling from the official NBA stat, let's see who'll come out ahead of this match up:

1. POINTS:  G - 13.7     B - 13.9

How can this be folks, when Griff is starting and DeBeast is coming off the bench? Imagine if Blair is on the starting unit like rookie TP. Not only that

Field goal%: G - .569  B - .594

B has even better percentages.  Most probably since he plays to his strength in the paint and the putbacks.

Griffin - 0 Blair - 1

2. ASISTS (APG) G - 2.1 B - 1.1

Blake is no flake in the assists department. Griffin - 1 Blair - 1


DRPG     G - 5.9   B - 4.9

Blair trails but this is due to the fact that the Spurs are the no.1 defensive rebounding team so he has a lot of competition from his own teammates.

ORPG G - 2.3 B - 3

Blair once again shows his windex-like ability on the offensive glass, coming out fourth place over-all. He's no rook, he's DA MAN.

(RPG) Griffin - 2 Blair -1

4.STEALS G - 1.43 B -1.86

That's almost two a game for DeBeast. He's in 11th place. Those from 1-10 are mostly guards and only three among them are rooks. Griffin - 2 Blair - 2

5. BLOCKS (BLKPG) G - .71   B - .14

Mr. No. 1 draft choice has it. Griffin - 3 Blair - 2

6. TURNOVERS G - 1.9 B - 1.1

Nuff said. Griffin - 3  Blair - 3. It's neck to neck...

7. EFFICIENCY (EFF48M) G - 32.01 B - 48.34

Finally, the clincher. Because Griffin is the new franchise player of the Clippers, he gets more playing time. Compared to DeJuan who's not getting even a full two quarters playing time.To illustrate: G - 28.1  B - 17.7 MPG. Griffin - 3 Blair - 4. Blair wins!

If there was a Rookie of the Pre-season, Blair is it. If only Pop gives him more minutes, Blair will be far ahead.  The last two games, he only played in the second half. UNLEASH DeBEAST!

I made this after the Indiana game where Blair got bruised but shrugged it off. Then Griffin got injured and is out for six weeks. It is becoming clearer - DeJUAN destined to be THE CHOSEN ONE. 

And the legend lives on...

This is fan-created content on The opinion here is not necessarily shared by the editorial staff at Pounding the Rock.

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