Statistic of the Pre-season: Blairy Putbacks

It maybe that a player's worst nightmare is getting his shot swatted away. More so when the game is on the line. You'd like the floor to devour you after a botched play like that. Adding insult to injury are the vid highlights recorded in digital history (see Bonner's pwnage of Shaq). Then comes the teasing in the locker room. And as the scene plays like a broken record in one's memory, the humiliation is etched in the mind, eating the insides and even breaking the spirit.

In the recent pre-season game against the OKC Thunders, DeJuan was on the receiving end, not just once but five times. Some pundits or casual fans would easily could this as typical rookie blues. Or they may exclaim, "See, told you so. The guy's undersized to an NBA pf." If this was any other player, it would easily shake his confidence. But we at PTR know that Blair is far from ordinary. Five times they tried to deny him but three times, he just puts it back to the hole. The cojones on this rook. 3 out of 5, that's 60%. If you can make 60% all the time, you can make it in any league.

But if you would examine closely, this particular stat illuminates the psyche that keep Blair motors running. He never gives up on a play.He never backs down. He's a juggernaut that way.

If there is one attitude that all the greats have in common, it is this - tenacity. This quality is pretty hard to teach. Either you're born with it or not. And which His Beastiness seems to have naturally. Where does this originate? For that you have to look at his humble beginnings. There you find that he grew up with nothing. Then you will trace that even at a tender age, he started playin with the big boys. Shrinks call this masochism. But for the kid, it was just another challenge to face up to. This pattern of behavior will be replayed numerous times in college as exemplified in the classic Thabeetdown. He relished the challenge before him.

Perhaps the best personification of this trait is no other than the biblical David. Picture this. Here is the giant Goliath (over 9 feet tall in some estimates), challenging all the armies of Israel to send out a champion who will face him in mortal combat. All those grizzled warriors sissified that day. Only a young shepherd moonlighting as pizza delivery boy had the spunk to face the threat. King Saul offers the royal armor but kiddo prefers to use his trusty slingshot. He even calls the giant uncircumcised. The ultimate insult in Jewish culture. After saying a prayer to the good Lord who had previously saved him from the lion and the bear while out tending the flock, he cut that huge foe down to size. The classic underdog story.

In an interview, Blair said, "I've been the underdog my whole life". This is his motivation. Coming out of college, he was a highly touted recruit predicted to be picked at worst, late in the first round. But 29 teams decided that he didn't measure up to their lofty standards and he fell into the second round. It only served to add fuel to the raging inferno within. Seems like God engineered the whole thing to precisely the trigger the explosion. The underdog mentality, it's what keeps Blair's engine running non-stop, on and on, in every play after play. Transforming him into a rebounding phenom. And he needed no ACLs for it. No armors necessary for this David.

Blair is a freak of nature that God has chosen to bless the Spurs once again. Yes, there is a God above and He loves San Antonio. He answers prayers too, Virginia.

Just ask David (HOFer). God gave him Timmy. Now God gives Timmy - DeJuan, His Chosen One.

And the legend grows...

This is fan-created content on The opinion here is not necessarily shared by the editorial staff at Pounding the Rock.

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