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As noticed against the lakers last game, Bonner alone wont cut it. We need another capable big. We've been talking a lot about a certain Joe Smith. It makes perfect sense. They have a crapload of young bigs, and Joe is being wasted on the bench. They just signed Nenad Kristic. They still have Chris Wilcox and Collison.

Joe Smith is on a expiring contract. So we have to give them other expiring contracts and some considerations for giving us a decent player. Easy stuff.

But... is Joe Smith enough to get us over the top? I say no, he is an improvement over what we have, but not a big difference maker. So lets keep swinging deals. Arent you tired of "michael finley, nba starter who plays 30 minutes"? Lets improve that position too!! Its time to invoke some argentinian powers, lets summon the NOCIONI!


First my idea


This is every fans dream, to convert a bunch of crap into something.

We get: Nocioni and Joe Smith, while sending away 5 players (udoka, kurt, fab, Yawn, finley)

Why would chicago make the trade? They unload Nocioni's long contract and solve a lot of problems in playing time for their youngsters.

Why would the Thundercats make the trade? They get a lot of project big men (they cant never have enough!) and if the winning at basketball thing doesnt work out then Sam Presti can take the world over with his army of stiffs.

Why would the Spurs make the trade? We are giving away our 7-12 men and a lot of foreign players that we will never see in black and silver for 2 solid players for the needed 9 man rotation.

We still need to sign 2 players to make the minimum roster, so here are my picks:

-George Mhuresan (he is big and can foul people, your average backup center)

-The guy who looks like Duncan (TGWLLD, the one of the illusion crushin thread, We could put him some minutes with the real Duncan just to confuse other teams, he could get instant double coverage from the other team so if he knows how to pass a ball then we are set for the fifth banner)


Our roster then would look like this:

1-Parker  6-Hill  11-the JV

2-Ginobili 7-Mason

3-Nocioni 8-Bruce Bowen 10-Malik whatever

4-Tim Duncan  9-Matt Bonner

5-Joe Smith - 12-TGWLLD 13-George Mureshan


A pretty decent 9 man rotation if you ask, with some secret weapons like our resident PTRer.


Side note: is there a coaching staff trading machine? I want Dr house and Sawyer as assistant coaches for Pop.




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