Game Thread #38: @ 76ers

So, how good are we?

Better than the Lakers but worse than the Magic? No, we're not. Every pundit in the business seems to think that we were extremely lucky to beat a depleted Lakers team, and I'm afraid I tend to agree. Even Bawful at Basketbawful wasn't convinced by our victory, after he claimed that the Spurs were at that point in a team's evolution where they were good, very good, but just couldn't win games against the top-tier teams. Tough crowd.

This was an important win for us, don't get me wrong, but we need to improve. Thing is, it's always easier to improve when you're winning. Or at least it feels that way.

I never liked it when people base their opinions on the outcome of incredibly close, hard-fought games. Are we worse than the Magic because JJ fucking (see, Matthew? No "freaking", just for you) Redick caught on fire from 3? (Maybe we are.) Have we solved all of our problems because Mason is clutch? (Maybe we have.) Winning is important, but if you allow me the cliché, it's not everything.

If you want to relive a bit of the excitement of Wednesday's game, check out Graydon Gordian's great post at 48 Minutes of Hell. I think he stumbled into poetry at a point there.

Credit goes to Re-Animator from SpursTalk

Lead me, follow me, or get out of the way - there's a preview to write!

Okay, since ATS indulged in obscure song nicknaming, I thought I might as well give free reign to my geekiness and do an all-videogame-nicknames edition. Enjoy - or not. I apologize in advance.

Game Time: 6:00 Spurs Time, 10:00 Argentina
9:00 am Perth, 1:00 am CET

TV:My 35 HD
Officials: TBA

Halo 3
Grim Fandango
Tim Duncan
Medal of Honor
Michael Finley
Resident Evil

Andre Miller
Willie Green
Random Atari
Samuel Dalembert
Random Wii
Thaddeus Young
Metroid Prime
Andre Iguodala
Doom 3
images via
15-7 Home 10-8
10-5 Road 8-12
97.6 Offense 95.8
94.0 Defense 95.9
47.1 FG% 45.6
40.5 3-pt% 32.2
75.5 FT% 74.6
39.7 Rebounds 42.5
12.1 TO's 15.5
8-2 Last 10 6-4
W 1 Streak W 5


  • Point Guard - Sometimes you're put off by Tony's bling, but when you get down to it, he's a fundamentally solid player that entertains you every night. Andre Miller is a veteran of many battles but we found out only recently that he can actually shoot (the 3). Apparently lots of people find it news-worthy.
  • Off Guard - You think you have Manu pegged, then he goes behind his back, twists on a dime, leans and he's already past the defender, going for the shot. You're left behind, too, wondering what just happened but with a grin on your face. Green is the 76ers' answer to replace Brand in their starting lineup, somehow, and I expect him to be shelved as soon as Brand's back at the top of his form.
  • Center - Year in, year out, every game Duncan just does that voodoo he does so well, and we're contenders for it. Nothing fancy, but still of the highest quality. Dalembert? He's okay.
  • Power Forward - I like T. Young, and he's important to the new and improved 76ers, and has a classic throwback style to him - but it would be downright ungrateful of me to ignore what Bonner has contributed to our team this season - if we focus on his shooting, he's a definite winner. He earns the tie on sheer redheadedness.
  • Small Forward - Iguadola's good, very good, and he can kill you when you least expect it. Let's be careful with this one, and keep him covered. Finley? 'Nuff said.
  • Bench - Speights and Williams bring it, but they're not particularly impressive. Mason and Hill continue to excel, and give us one of the best benches in this league. Yes we win.
  • Coach - Am I the only counting down the minutes till Pop's next courtside interview? I thought the reporter's head was going to explode the other night, with back to back hellish mike sessions with The Beard and The Zen. Someone has to put together a video of his best answers... Please? Pretty please?
  • Intangibles - Ah, tough one. After that glorious victory it wouldn't be odd for us to come back down into the mud that begot us, whereas the 76ers are riding a "we're so good without Brand" winning streak and probably hungry to get over .500. Even though Elton could be coming back tonight and ruin some of that momentum, I doubt he'll play that many minutes.
  • Mojo - How many karma points do we get for ruining Kobe's "big balls" walk?
  • Winners - They are a dangerous team, but I just can't pick against us. There's no team we can't beat on a good night, and I'm feelin' good.

Keys To The Game

  • Suckitude - We are not sucking. There, I said it. We are not. At all. I sure hope ATS can repeat this in his next preview.
  • Softness - Duncan and Bonner are playing the softest interior D of the season. If I don't see Timmy rack up at least 3 fouls during this game my head might just explode.
  • Hill - Oh mama. The Answer to Life, the Universe, and Everything? HILL. (I don't know why more egotistical players don't pick 42 for their jersey numbers. Perhaps they don't like reading?)

  • Some other reading

    I only found one blogs dedicated to the 76ers. Either my google fu is weakening, or their fans are all from the pre-Internet generation:

    Liberty Ballers (An SB Nation blog - not really all that active, but I like the logo. Check out their own game preview.)

    Other things of possible interest

    Since I won't be around a computer for a fortnight (not long enough to write a preview, at least) ATS will be on his own. Go easy on him. I might as well share all the interesting stuff I found for your viewing pleasure:

    • Ankles - Just to remind you that Kobe's not just "Fuck Duncan", check out his latest viral video. It's particularly funny if watched before this cherished memory.
    • Ice Man - bones mentioned's interview with George Gervin already. Well, I found this pretty nice video to remind you of his great career - as 4Him pointed out, he had a 33-points quarter long before Carmelo did, and without a three point arc. (I couldn't find a video, sorry.) Also, he's not Carmelo - always a plus.
    • Glass - Looking for Gervin's video I came across this little gem. Boy, why did they have to change the backboards? Must Stern take all the fun out of this league? Nowadays not even physical freaks like Howard can shatter it - except for Shaq, because the entire structure couldn't withstand his fat ass. Or if three kids dunk at once.
    • Future Spurs - See? Why don't they practice that shot more often? Then we wouldn't have to rely on Mason's heroics.
    • Wow - This is a long video, but worth watching. These guys do some amazing things. (Oh? Not basketball related? Too late now. But imagine if they used that stuff in the dunk contest...)
    • Darius - Miles proving he's truly back.
    • Kobe - Okay, I take it back. Kobe's an asshat.
    • Hipuks - Somehow this strikes me as something he'd do. I pity his children-to-come.
    • Ludden - Johnny Ludden has more talent in his right pinky finger than the entire current staff of put together. Don't miss this great article.
    • Vintage - Once upon a time there was a player called Gary Payton - and he could sell anything.
    • Salary Cap - This is a site we should all bookmark: the Salary Cap FAQ. I made it all the way to point 6 before I got bored and double-clicked on the Portal icon.
    • Music - Chill out with ATS's pick: Radio Paradise. Not nearly as girly as it sounds.
    • Secret link - Matthew would have some words with me if I linked to this, so I won't. For the males out there, please google "Devin Harris + Meghan Allen" - it seems being The Man in New Jersey pays off.
    • GOAT - For once I don't mean Duncan. I don't want to alienate my fellow Spurs fans with all this MJ links, but this is a pretty interesting piece written on him at It compares him (once again) to Kobe and LeBron, and explains why they'll never be "the next".
    • I want some curry with that - I'm sure you're all up-to-date with Eddy Curry's harrassment suit. In case you're not, here are some links. And if you want to see how a true SOB writes on a story like this one, check out Deadspin's take. Now touch me.
    • Previous game - For post-game quotes and a video recap of last game against the Lakers, check out

    EDIT: Spurs sign Croshere to a 10-day contract. Well... he's kinda tall.

    Game feeds

    Check this game thead at gametime for specific links to good quality feeds. If you arrive late in the game, there game feed links are usually among the first 50 posts of the thread.
    OneNation (This is an archive of NBA games. Go here if you missed one, or want to watch it again.)

    Recap: No one's picked this recap, so feel free to write one if you're in the mood - it'll be much appreciated. Here are the guidelines. The more recaps the merrier - in fact, we don't have one so far for our most exciting game of the year, so if you feel like twisting a knife into the Laker's tiny coal heart, this is your chance!

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