Spurs Lakers Recap

First off sorry for the huge delay in my recap. After the Spurs big win over the Lakers I celebrated my tail off leaving me feeling like crap the next day; I had time only for sleep and work. Seems like most recaping points have already been discussed but I still feel obligated to add my 2 cents since.

Durring the 2004 series against the Lakers I was working valet at some nice hotel. Working with a bunch of Lakers fans it was acceptable to not work that day and just watch the game as the line of cars piled up all night. So there I was watching the greatness that is Tim Duncan as he hit an increddible turn around falling down bank shot. (by the way at any other point in the game that would have been a foul on shaq) I flipped out and ran to the nearest person who happened to be a guest checking into the hotel and hugged her. I picked her up and hugged her. The crazy thing was she didn't get mad at me, no she was excited with me when I told her what happened because she too was a spurs fan. Then the horror came. The .4 bull crap. Being the superstitious person that I am I blamed the lady. It was too coincidental that another spurs fan was checking in to a hotel in southern ca at the same time Duncan hit his shot and so what else could I do but blame her?

Wednessday night a funny thing happened. I was at a bar and I ran into another spurs fan. It is impossible to exagerate how rare it is to find a spurs fan in southern Ca. It's rare I find a sports fan that even knows much about the local teams so you can guess how often I find a spurs fan. When the lakers mounted their comeback I felt sick. After every Powell and Gasol and Kobe shot they made durring that come back the camera would catch Parkers face and Tony already looked defeated. I was so sad. I thought "game 1 of the playoffs last year all over again..." Then the Duncan shot happened. I was elated! "Oh my fucking god!" I cried. Then sitting next to the spurs fan I got an earie feeling. "We're not going to win..." I thought. Kobe is going to do something-I know it. Sure enough he did. I don't know how he managed to get that shot off with his balls dragging on the floor and all. Poor guy. But he did. Then like everyone else I thought "one last shot...give the ball to Manu" Kobe did a great job of denying him the ball much the way we denied Kobe the ball in the 2004 series. Luckily we have players with testies too. Oh how I love thee Mason. This is his third game winner for us of the season. No one would have blamed him if he had gotten the ball and drove the basket hesitantly looking for one of the big three. This is his first year with us he shouldn't be taking and making these big time shots.

This was the type of game I wish we would have won in the playoffs. This was one of those momentum changing, spirit breaking games. Much like Game five in 2004 when we were crippled and much like game 1 against the suns last year when they were mentally crushed. The Lakers may be the most talented team in the league but aside from Kobe they are among the mentally weakest in the league.

It only counts as one win but everyone knows this was huge. The biggest thing was Manu played like Manu. He didn't worry about his shot-he just let it go. If he got step on someone he went hard to the basket. And his three steals on kobe in the first half were great too but that's nothing new as he's been doing a lot of that stuff lately. He still doesn't have his vertical explosion back yet. His open court dunk was old man esq. He kind of sqeaked it in. But the most important thing was his confidence was there. As he's talked about that was the biggest thing missing. His physical atributes will continue to get better.

3 Stars:

3. Tim for being Tim. 20 and 10. Big shots in the 4th.

2. Manu for carrying us in the first 3 quarters of the game

1. Mason. The game winner. 18 pts. A nice little leg shimmy dance.

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