Manu: This time I’ll start -10, but I am calm

By Manu
Translation by urunobili

Truth is I am surprised of how I have reacted so far. I have always been hyperactive and after my first surgery and my first cast, I have to act very different of how I really am. I have prepared myself mentally to behave on a patient way. It’s been already 4 days without leaving my house and so far I am having a good time. My wife, as always, gives me a great hand to make everything work.

I don’t know if there are any details I could share about the operation that you don’t know already. It was an arthroscopy. They did several cuts from where a camera, light and whatever they need get in to clean and correct things. Despite the fact that it was with total anesthesia and I couldn’t see what they were doing live, they gave me a DVD and the following day I sneaked it to see how everything was done.

The thing that made me very calm was that the doctor (Richard Frenkel) told me that, apart from the injury, the ankle is fine. He told me that many times they open and they find surprises because of other problems. Luckily it wasn’t my case.

Now at home, I go over my days watching movies. All very sedentary, flat. If I have to recommend one of the movies I’ve seen, I liked “Gone baby gone”, that in Argentina was known as “Desaparecio una noche”. It is not new, but I am seeing a little bit of everything, recovering some time. The ones I don’t have on DVD I see them in some of the 200 movie channels I get on my cable service.

I also followed on TV the US Open Tennis Semi Finals and Finals. I wasn’t able to see Juan Martin Del Potro play (upcoming Argie Tennis player), because when he played with Murray I was undergoing surgery in LA.

They advised me to have lots of rest and to try to have my leg up as much as I can and that’s what I have been trying to do. When not in that position, I use the crutches and every once in a while I go to my PC to surf on the Internet.

Although I am still far from Basketball, I am following some news and player movement around the NBA of course. Mainly of the West Conference teams, where the teams I play more often reside. The most important thing is that the Clippers reinforced very well with Marcus Camby and Baron Davis, but they also had to let Elton Brand go. And Houston, that was a very important rival already, will be more powerful with Ron Artest that is a great player.

It is also having lots of attention the players leaving for Europe because of the better salaries. If you ask me if I’d go back there, the first thing I have to say is that I will always prefer to stay in San Antonio.

But one never knows what could happen. If one day I get traded and they send me to a city I don’t like or that I don’t feel comfortable here in the United States, I would think it. But that is something anyone would do. Even Kobe Bryant said that for the right amount of money he would leave the NBA.

Anyway this is all speculation and I am with the rehab “chip” to recover soon. Normally I would have started training by the end of the month, but I’ll have to go little by little. Despite I don’t feel any pain; I won’t be able to step on my foot so far. Tomorrow I’ll get the cast removed to remove the sewing material and they’ll give me a boot. I imagine that later we’ll go over some recovery exercises like pool. I won’t start from zero this time. This time I’ll start -10, but I am calm, filling myself with patience and thinking in doing things best possible to play again. <!-- / message --><!-- sig -->

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