Mavs fans make me laugh

So I wandered over to Mavs Moneyball to see what they were talking about and I found this. We're not even close to locking up Maggette, and they're starting to freak out. I had a good laugh after reading this...


Baron Davis signs with the Clippers...


One plus is that it all but guarantees Corey Maggette will not get more than the MLE… They’ve got to renounce his sign and trade rights to make this deal work, so he’s out there for 5.5 million or whatever…

So, what this means is that we can no longer do a S&T for Maggette... no one can.  So with everyone out there targeting Corey with their MLE, do the Mavs have what it takes to seperate themselves from the likes of Boston, Orlando, or even Phoenix? 

I believe so, and it's because of one of the most outspoken and player-friendly owners in the league.  Time to step up Mark... the money is even out there for him, but what are the Mavericks organization going to offer him that other teams wont?

[Note by Toddy, 07/01/08 9:55 PM MDT ] Dont worry, it just got worse... Spurs are reported as being the front runners for Maggette...




Spurs are the Front runners....

by Toddy on Jul 1, 2008 10:44 PM CDT reply reply actions actions   0 recs

This is not good.

"Mr. Hicks, you watch, I'm going to be a leader on this team." Kinsler

by sprite on Jul 1, 2008 11:05 PM CDT to parent up reply reply actions actions   0 recs

Thats Typical

The Spurs get Maggette….They didnt win the finals last year which means their due for one this year…..This always happens to the Mavs Always….I remember a few years ago the mavs could have made a deal for Rasheed…..This was in the Nellie and Big 3 days and one of the big 3 wasnt even involved ….its inevitable….Mavs have the curse of the bambino….They cant ever get the coveted FA or work the right deal….Its always the deal they should have made….The Spurs get Maggette we might get Finley ….dont like that scenario at all!!!!!!!!!!


by aaronp on Jul 1, 2008 10:58 PM CDT reply reply actions actions   0 recs

Corey would be bored in SA

he just can’t go there.

"Chase Irwin: You pissed me off, I just can't remember why." - Miles.


by Longhorn on Jul 1, 2008 11:20 PM CDT reply reply actions actions   0 recs

if the spurs

sign maggette… just kill me

by zkmavz on Jul 2, 2008 12:11 AM CDT reply reply actions actions   0 recs

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