Now I'm just like Manu Ginobili!

So I was playing ball this Saturday. I'm one of the better players in my Saturday morning pickup game. Anyways, the other team has a 2 on 1 fast break, but I turn and track the play down. He jumps and releases the ball, and a split second later I jump to defend the play. The ball is right there, I reach for it, and swat! Get that weak stuff outta...

CRUNCH. I come down on the side of my foot, my leg keeps going down while my foot turns sideways. Not Shawn Livingston gruesome, but pretty painful nonetheless. I try to walk it off, and play out the rest of the game and another game, but the ankle gets worse and worse.

Now my left ankle is literally 3x the circumference of the right one. I wouldn't have thought that was possible, but I'd have been wrong. And it's all purple and green. It looks horrible, like an 80-year diabetic gout patient's ankle. So I go to the doctor, and she says no fracture. Then the worst words, "it would have been better if you had broken it. A sprain of this severity, with your ligament damage, will take months to hear."

What's the point of all this? One, I hope ATS conducts a telethon to send me get well water-ice or cookies or ice cream or something.

Second, my injury is very similar to what Manu Ginobili had in the WCF. And I can barely walk right now. The fact that Manu played at all with an ankle like this boggles my mind. He played at the highest level of the NBA, and even had a 30-point game, with a severely sprained ankle.

When I played the rest of the game and the next game, I couldn't get to rebounds I normally would. Guys I could lock up defensively were going by me. Guys I normally could beat to the rim would bump me a little and I couldn't recover. I couldn't even shoot with any accuracy, because I didn't have a solid base--my ankle would give out at the top of my shot and I'd end up fading a little left. Very frustrating. And that was when the ankle was still warm. I don't think I could play at all today, regardless of what they shot me up with or how much they were paying me.

This is how Manu must have felt when Vlad the Space Cadet would drive past him for a layup. He must have been thinking "this chump Vujacic can't carry my jock; I'd drive past him easily if it weren't for this f*ing ankle." It must have really burned him when he missed all those open 3's, thinking "I'm a 45% 3 point shooter. This can't be happening."

So Manu suffered through all this, but never, ever made excuses, when the media was piling on, or even when Spurs pseudo-fans (no one here at PtR of course) turned on him. He just went out, and gave it all he had. He was already my favorite player, but now, umm, he's even favoriter. What a badass.

On second thought, SiMA, you can keep your helicopter, and I'll keep Manu in San Antonio.

This is fan-created content on The opinion here is not necessarily shared by the editorial staff at Pounding the Rock.

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