Finals Game 3

I happened to catch this game as well (my wife was watching the Batchelorette on DVR in one room, so I watched the game in the other room). Surprise! The Lakers shot a whole bunch more foul shots in Los Angeles than they did in Boston.

I thought two sequences in the first half were particularly emblematic. The first was Formerly Homeless Second Round Pick Leon Powe threw up a crazy shot midway through the second quarter. There was plenty of contact, but no foul. I didn't think it should have been a foul, but this was EXACTLY the kind of call he was getting in Boston. The second was Kobe's drive to the basket with a few seconds left in the half. There was some very minor contact, but he was awarded two FTs, which he missed. Again, he was not getting this call in Boston.

After the half, in his interview with Michele Tafoya, he was asked what they were doing differently to get more FTs, and he said "we're playing the same way [as we did in Boston]" and kind of smirked.  

KG in the Paint?

The Lakers seemed constantly on the verge of blowing out the Celtics, but just couldn't put them away, mainly due to hot shooting from Nancyboy Allen in the third quarter. The Celtics went to a post up strategy, with KG and Kendrick Perkins (???), and were kicking it out to open shooters. This seemed to take LA off guard (perhaps they were confused by seeing KG in the paint), and Boston made a run. As soon as they cooled off from the perimeter, the Lakers retook the lead. Hot perimeter shooting is like Fool's Gold; you think you're playing well, but really you're just shooting well. As soon as the shots stop dropping, which they will, you'll be in trouble. Meanwhile, the Lakers were able to keep driving to the basket and keep going to the line.

Other Comments:

Curt Schilling's Blog

I talked about Schilling's comments yesterday

but I can't believe I missed this: 

(talking about FT disparity) Phil Jackson knew it. Early in the game, Farmar comes to the bench during Celts free throws and asks about the next series, Jackson says “One thing I do know is we’ve got to stop !@#$&@#%$#&*()@ fouling these guys” Farmar asks what he says and he repeats the line.

Farmar didn't hear what Phil Jackson said? How is that even possible? There was a play where Farmar took a charge from Paul Pierce, and I'm sure he was able to get into position because he heard Pierce THINK that he was going to his left.

Donaghy Turns State's Evidence

Wow. Wow. Wow. Among other things, Donaghy basically said that the fix was in for the Lakers-Kings series in 2002. They said on air that Donaghy had no credibility. You know who else has no credibility? Jose Canseco, and he turned out to be 90% right on all the steroids in baseball. We'll see where this goes.

Blind Jackass in Miller Lite Commercial and weird Heineken ad

They keep running this Miller Lite commercial where this blind guy can identify the year and make of vehicles driving by with his incredible Daredevil heightened senses. Then someone opens a beer and he identifies it as a Miller Lite. My reaction is, "what a douchebag!" I mean, I'm sorry that you are (pretending to be) blind, but if my two year old acted like that, I'd put him in timeout.

Speaking of creepy commercials, how about that weird Heineken commercial where people bring random other people a bottle of Heineken? The weirdest part is where a girl brings a beer into a sauna full of what appear to be Russian Mafia, and they react like "Da, Komrade, here is that American Hooker!" Then the scariest one, who looks just like the Russian from the episode of the Sopranos where they get lost in Pine Barrens, puts on his mob track suit and walks through a club straight to the DJ, looking for all the world like he's going to shoot her when he gets there.

Larry Bird/Magic Johnson There Can Be Only One Commercial

Oh. My. God. This is seriously disturbing. Words can't do it justice. Just watch it. Or don't, if you don't want to have nightmares for two weeks.

Game 4 Prediction

Honestly, to this point the Celtics look like the better team. I agree with Nix that they'll probably get at least one in LA. I think Boston's found something they can exploit with KG posting up Smeagasol, and you have to think Paul Pierce is going to play better. Kobe might not get quite so many calls in Game 4, and Odom may stay disappeared. We'll see.



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