I believe SEGABABA is this weird nickname given for back to backs game nights. Its either that or SECABABA, I went with the former because it has the word SEGA. I had a SEGA Genesis. Those were cool. You know whats not cool, no one has done a recap for that Spurs-Mavs game on Tuesday. You know, the game of the year thus far?

I won't actually cover what went down by the way. I think the recaps at and ESPN can do that way better than I can. I'm gonna just highlight the good stuff.


So the Mavs game kinda went down like this.




Do you know who that guy is under Timmy? Thats J.J. Barea. He's the Mavericks second best player.

Mavs Four Best Players as of 12/11/2008

  • Jason Terry
  • JJ Barea
  • Dirk Nowitzki
  • Jason Kidd

I'm serious. He completly came out no where and nearly won the game for the Mavs after we were up by like seven or something in the fourth. He was more efficient than Nowitzki (35pts on 33 shots) and Kidd (apparently two boards shy of a triple double, and I can't recall him doing anything besides hitting his jumpers). Odd. So good he got the Bowen treatment and was never heard from again.


Theres something I notice when we play the Mavs and thats we commit some of the worst turnovers EVER. Dribbling off the foot, throwing the ball into the stands, miscommunications just silly crap that the Spurs shouldn't do. For this one game they kept themselves in check at least. It was the Mavs who had the turnovers. Jason Terry fell like 3 times. Not a turnover but on one posession while going for the rebound, Kidd threw the ball in the basket, giving Bonner two extra points.Seven turnovers the whole game for us. Jawesome.



Now about the Spurs. Pop went with some small ball offensive line ups down the stretch.  Last season the Big 3 were the only players we could rely on to score. Everyone else was a liability. That was a big part of those lapses that killed us in big games. Completely different this year. Duncan, Parker, Ginobili, Mason, Hill, Finley, Bonner. Thats seven Spurs who can put the ball in the basket in some way shape or form. Seven! Siete! Ok ok its like customary on PtR to rag on everybody except the big 3 (Three Studs and bunch of suck) but this is legit. Fin has done way more than jacked up those horrible fadeaways. I mean he takes them.. less now. He's making 3s. Maybe Mason taught him how to shoot. I don't like Red Rocket as the starting C, its like odd. But he's making 3s like a madmen. And he's a hustler that Bonedog.




He didn't dunk that.


The aforementioned seven players won this game for us in Dallas. They were the ones that put up 133. We couldn't score 133 last year in a practice. This was the first time I watched a game and thought nobody necessarily kept the team down. This was some of the best basketball played by the Spurs, hell by any team this year. They wanted to win.


Three stars

Duncan, Ginobili, Parker



The Hawks game...

We won because the Hawks stink. There was a game against the Grizzlies earlier this year that was real similar to this. No matter what they did, they just couldn't win because we're that much better than they are.

Tony Parker played probably one of the worst games of his whole career. He might have ate something bad on the way back from Dallas, or stood outside in the cold too long because he was awful. He should have sat this one out.

At one point Pop put Oberto, Udoka, Bowen, Parker, and Mason on the floor. The offense died. It was bad.

After the first quarter the Spurs knew they could run away with this. There was just no way they were gonna lose. Sure the Hawks kept cutting into their lead but this team just was vulnerable. In the 4th quarter after cutting the lead to 3 the Spurs brought the ball up the court, gave the ball to Manu who was fouled by Al Horford. Mike Bibby said something, or looked at the referee weird, or made a gesture that the ref didnt like. Whatever he did he got a T, then Horford got one. That was game. No matter what they did we had an answer. Mostly Manu killing them with a behind the back dribble step back 3, or a spin move going to his right that only Manu Ginobili can do.





He made that. It was the magnets.


Three stars:

Matt Bonner. 10 rebounds in one half??? Hustle Hustle Hustle

Tim Duncan: Typical Duncan stuff

Manu: Typical Manu stuff


My recaps are not funny. I'm sorry.

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