I'm bored too

What a slow summer. I don't get into baseball anymore. I don't get into preseason football, and the NFL is really only a temporary fix until the end of October. My wife is so busy that I end up watching the kids instead of golfing. I am looking for things to do. Well, something besides work hard at my job.

I've been finding some things to do. Here are some of them...

  1. Party like it's 1999. The Spurs are the best and I've been on the bandwagon since Gervin and Silas drove it. The 99 championship will always be #1 with whether the Spurs win 10 more or no more. Still, I have to feel blessed as a basketball fan. There are 30 teams. If championships were evenly distributed, and I know that they aren't, Spurs would have feasted enough to be full for 120 years. I'm loving it. I love it for Duncan who has established himself as the best player of the past decade, for Finley who got to coattail (and contribute) to a championship, to Pop who has cemented himself among the coaching elite, to Parker who took the next step towards becoming the best point guard in the league.
  2. The forums. I've been lurking and posting every forum that will have me. Of course those sissy Sun fans won't let anybody register at their cryfest. Makes me wonder who they ever got anybody to post anything. The most fun is the Mavs forums. It's a huge shame that the Spurs didn't get to eliminate their crying butts, but that's life. They can have a division banner ceremony. I wonder if they will avoid the warriors this time? I don't call them complete chokers, but it's fun to post the four trophy pic once in a while. The Jazz fans got over their whining pretty quick. And the Cavs were swept, they aren't worthy of a troll post.
  3. The Video. I watched it, I analyzed it. I made copies of it. I converted it to put it on my phone so I can watch it there. I saw every part, including the stupid Eva and Tony segment. I am really curious about how the Jazz got only 32 seconds of video time, though. I guess watching Mehmet bricking shots over and over and over was not going to improve the video any, but they could have got some clips of the kid deron williams. he played better than Nash, Lebron, and Carmelo. They would have also done a segment for our old buddy, Steve Kerr - point out the difference between an altercation and standing up to cheer your teammates wicked slam dunk.
  4. Other Video. I am learning about torrents. Not because I don't want to pay for my entertainment, but because my wife decided we needed to watch Jericho. It isn't on DVD so we downloaded it and converted it to DVD. The quality is not that good for a HDTV broadcast, but that's probably because it's been converted 3 times by various freeware programs. But the idea that I can just decide that I want to watch a program when I want regardless of the network schedule is pretty cool. I can see the day when it will all be 'in demand', which isn't bad IMO.
  5. Bonds. I've been avoiding his run for imfamy as much as possible. In keeping with that principle...
  6. My wife is working as a coordinator for a class of kids that are visiting from China. Since they didn't find enough homes for them, I ended up with four of them. I don't think they are jerks because they are Chinese, I think they are jerks because they are teenagers. There isn't a rule I've made that they don't break. And they have absolutely zero interest in basketball. The ones that like it at all only like the freaking Lakers. If I have to see one more jerk walking into my house with a Kobe jersey on, I'll scream. Anyway, the busy part is I've been cooking and washing dishes and steam cleaning crap off the carpet - they don't seem to notice when they step on a steamer, so they remove it from their shoes a little at a time. As if that wasn't bad enough, they don't seem interested in any American culture or sharing in theirs. They hide in their bedrooms all evening (actually it's airbeds in the office) while playing video games against eachother. The other night I got up at 3 in the morning because the baby was crying, they were still playing.
Enough about my boredom, what's everybody else been doing to stay busy?

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