The Good Guys Roll on Silver Saturday

[Editor's note: Another great recap by a PtR member... I can't believe Comcast caused be to miss a game where the nancy-boy goes 4-20 and Bowen has his one dunk of the season.]

The Whiner goes 4 for 20.

The game was not nearly as close as the score indicates. Seattle led once early in the 1st, came within one in the 2nd, then the Spurs went on a 27-6 run to put the game away. Manu and the starters rested the entire 4th quarter. No Spur plays more than 28 minutes the entire game.

I live in the SF Bay Area, so I watch most Spurs games on NBA League Pass - tonight the feed is from Seattle, so no Sean Elliott commentary and Whataburger commercials. Lenny Wilkens and the Fox Sports Northwest guy aren't bad and are relatively knowledgeable about the Spurs. (The worst announcers are the bozos from the Celtics.... don't get me started.)

Anyway, on to the quarter-by-quarter observations:

First Quarter

  • The Spurs go up 7-0, including the first 5 points from Brent.
  • Seattle responds with a 10-2 run to give them their only lead of the game with 7 minutes to go in the quarter.
  • The Spurs answer back with a 17-3 run of their own. Tim has 7 boards and 3 blocks. Good ball movement by the team.
  • They need to put Velcro on the silver jerseys. The shirts keep coming untucked, and the players are always having to tuck them back in. They still look better than the hideous Wizards alternate uniforms.
  • Tim hits his head and goes down with about 1:30 left in the quarter - he's fine, though. But the Sonics score the last seven points of the quarter. The Whiner has 10 points.
  • Spurs 27-20

    Second Quarter

  • The Sonics continue their run, starting the quarter 8-2. The Whiner makes two free throws with 8:31 left in the quarter pulling the Sonics within one, 29-28.
  • The Spurs turn it around. Good defense, they're pushing the fast break, and Tony's on a roll! He makes a nice layup on a pass from Brent after a jump ball!
  • The Dunk!! (See below...)
  • Manu caps off the 27-6 Spurs run with a 3-pointer.
  • Spurs 56-34

    Third Quarter

  • No letdown in the 3rd. The Spurs keep the pressure on by continuing the good defense and good ball movement. Tim has 15 rebounds.
  • The Whiner leaves the game with 3:40 left in the quarter and does not return. He ends up shooting 4 for 20 and scoring only 12 points - none in the second half.
  • With seconds left in the quarter, Manu drives and kicks it out low to Horry, who bends down, picks up the ball and drains a three in one fluid motion. Sweet!
  • Parker and Horry score 15 of the Spurs 22 points in the quarter. The Spurs hold the Sonics to 11 points in the quarter.
  • Spurs 78-45

    Fourth Quarter

  • Time for the scrubs. Beano plays!
  • Bonner puts in some good minutes and scores 13, all in the 4th. He gets blocked on one ill-advised shot. Pop jumps all over him. Welcome back, Matt! (Well, it's actually his third game back...)
  • So Mike Wilks is with Seattle. I wonder if he's ever shown the Whiner his ring from '05.
  • The Seattle announcers give nice props to the Spurs... .664 winning percentage since '89-'90. Only miss playoffs 4 times since joining NBA. Yeah, I guess we're spoiled with success.
  • Spurs 102-71

    The Game Was Over When... With a minute left to play in the 2nd quarter, Bruce takes a fast break pass from Manu and dunks the ball. Yes, he dunked the ball! I can't remember the last time that happened. He wouldn't win the Slam Dunk Contest, but the crowd and the bench loved it!

    3 Stars

    3. Bruce Bowen - Yeah, he's been slow. He should probably play fewer minutes. But tonight he played solid defense against the Whiner.

    2. Tony Parker - Recovers from his weak outing in Atlanta. Fuels the second quarter outburst, and ends with 21 points and 4 assists in 25 minutes. Tendonitis? What tendonitis?

    1. Robert Horry - goes 6 of 8, including 4 of 6 from three-point range.The reports of his demise are greatly exaggerated... I hope!

    Record: 38-18 Streak: W-5

    Up Next: vs. Toronto Raptors

    All-Start Chris Bosh. Texas-Ex T.J. Ford. And, of course, the return of Rasho. The leaders of the Titanic Division aren't to be taken lightly these days.

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