"I'm Going to Cut that Fucking Canadian"

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Words uttered by me after his moving screen on Manu. Fucking asshole.

I suppose on one hand I should be encouraged by the fact that the Spurs played like shit and still had a chance to win the game at the end of the fourth, but instead I just get angrier and angrier about the STUPID fucking errors that cost us the game.

Elson and Oberto throwing the ball away. Elson dropping passes. Tim missing chip shots. Manu shooting a contested fast break 3 with about 4 minutes left.

It's easy to say, "Well, they played like ass, but still were in the game. I can't be too mad." Bullshit. The Spurs have had a problem with focus and motivation all season and if they can't get it up for a game that they admittedly circled on the calendar, can we really call this a championship squad?

Probably the scariest thing I've noticed about the team is how much they suck ass in the second half against good teams. It's like an entirely different game. I suppose this lends credence to the Geriatric Spurs idea that's so popular nowadays (and is probably right, but I can't bring myself to say that). How many times this season has this team laid down and took it up the ass at the end of the game? I really thought the game was won when Manu kicked Amare in the nut sack and scored 6 pts in a row.....then the team collectively shit the bed. Parker was decent, but he can't do it alone. Manu didn't do anything after that flurry of points other than travel and shoot a bad three pointer (the only 2 times he touched the ball as I recall). I thought the first half was great. Yeah, we let the Suns get on a bit of a run, but overall it was pretty good. The Spurs were playing their game, and playing it well. In the second half the Spurs started to run recklessly and completely forgot about running the Suns off the 3PT line and ended up getting beat.

Even with the problems, the team was a decent Duncan away from winning the game. It would be nice, however, if we could count on Bowen or Finley to give a decent contribution consistently. I'm at the point where your name isn't Duncan/Ginobili/Parker/Barry I don't want you to shoot. When I tell myself that things will be better when Matt freaking Bonner comes back, I want to shoot myself. This team desperately needs some fresh blood and its not going to happen this season. I had hopes for Flight this season, but that's obviously not going to happen. If there was a game all season when he'd get some minutes, it would be on a segababa against the Suns. But noooooooooooo Coach Poop is too fucking stubborn. And God forbid he takes minutes away from Finley. I'm starting to think the guy has dirty pictures or something on Coach. Maybe he's stolen his rarest wine and is holding it hostage for playing time.

How fucking useless were Elson and Oberto? If there is EVER a game when those two should be playing well, it was this one. But they were beyond horrible. Combining for 2 points, 6 boards, 1 assist, and one blocked shot. Good Lord Guys, that's not going to cut it.

Bowen tallied no points, no assists, no blocks, and no steals. He did have 4 rebounds which probably comes close to a season high for him. This is as close to heresy as it gets in the Spurs Fandom, but I don't want him back next year. He's become a liability on BOTH ends of the floor.

As usual, Finley, Beno, and Vaughn were awful. I just expect it now. I'm so disappointed in Beno.

Timmeh ended up with great stats, 20/18/4/5 is an incredible night for most people, but he only shot 6-18. You gotta do better than that against that weak ass front line. I am happy that he's back to playing MVP type ball and am livid that this team is going to waste it.

The Sickness was awesome, as he usually is against the Suns. If he can hit the midrange shot like that all season long, we might have a chance.

Parker had a pretty good game scoring wise, but I hate it when he has a 2 assist game like he had last night. He's better than that, even when the Spurs only shot 38%.

Its 3AM and I'm starting to lose steam. The Big 3 are going to have to have MVP-style performances along with Barry playing out of his mind to even have a shot in the playoffs. At least we have a hopeful draft coming up, as long as Pop doesn't trade the picks for Cuttino Mobley or someone along those lines.

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