Yes! We Beat a Shitty Team! What an Accomplishment!

[Editor's note: Another great recap by a PtR member, complete with Photoshop wizardry! The DET game thread is posted below.]

Hmm...This is an odd emotion after a Spurs game. Is this....happiness? What!? You mean I'm not feeling bitter disappointment and anger? This is nice. I remember when this was a common feeling.

The Jersey game was a beatdown pretty much from start to finish. Some might say that this was to be expected, look at everyone the Nets are missing! Spurs fans know better. This game had all the makings of a game won (or lost) at the FT line in the final minute. I was actually kinda shocked that the Spurs won by 20+....which shows how far this team has fallen in my eyes. But if Elson goes for 8 and 7 every night, Horry hits a shot or two, and Finley shoots 50% we are going to have a decent chance at making some noise in the playoffs. The Big 3 are continuing a high level of play, and Barry keeps chugging along. Now if we can get Bonner back playing well (he's cleared to play) we might have a good run in us. It'll take some luck falling our way, but stranger things have happened.

Everyone's favorite lazy fatass big man got 8 minutes of playing time tonight. Time that he did absolutely nothing with. Time that I got to watch James White sit on the bench in a suit.

You would think that after our guards constantly get shit upon in games that Pop would give this guy a CHANCE. I've heard a handful of reports that say this guy looks GREAT in practice. What more does he have to do to get a chance? Pop even got Linton Freaking Johnson some playing time (and then let him go so he could become a useful player for the NOOCH....not like we needed an athletic 3 though, right?). What a cocktease.

Pop then tells the Express-News that the Ely trade was "just one injured-list guy for another injured-list guy" and basically gave no indication that he would ever play him. Wow Pop, way to fucking go. You got rid of an excellent trade asset in Williams for just another player you won't play. Fuck you. Surely to God Williams/Beno or Williams/[who the fuck ever] could have gotten someone that YOU WOULD ACTUALLY PLAY. But oh no, we can't have someone taking minutes from Robert Horry or Michael Finley! That would be terrible! Not to mention, Pop goes with a 3 man bigman rotation, leaving Oberto rot until garbage time. Now, I'm not saying that Oberto is the best option we have, but all benching Oberto is going to do is have more minutes for small ball and all that's going to do is lose more games and get Pop's dick hard because Pop loves him some tinyball.

No, that is not innuendo you sick bastards.

Here's what I would like to see happen with the Spurs roster up til the playoffs

1. Trade Beno. I don't care if its for a second rounder next decade, get rid of him.
2. Move Brent to backup PG. We need some competency at that position.
3. Start Manu and bench Bowen. Start Finley.
4. Give White playing time as the 4th swingman in the rotation. If he sucks, then we can go back with Vaughn as the backup and put Barry in as the 2/3 again.
5. Have the 4/5 rotation be Tim/Elson then Bonner/Ely. Ely can at least contribute some scoring since Pop has put Obby in the feared doghouse. Anything is better than small ball or Horry.
6. The 8 man playoff rotation that Pop loves to adhere to should be: Parker/Manu/Finley/Tim/Elson with Barry/Bonner/Bowen coming off the bench.

All this, I feel, would give the Spurs a decent chance to succeed. Rebounding would be a problem, but its going to suck anyway.

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